ayaka – みんな空の下 [11th Single]

July 9, 2009 at 2:45 pm (ayaka) (, )


ayaka’s 11th single, entitled みんな空の下, was released on 07.08.09. The title track was used in a Kao’s Ascience commercial. This single will be ayaka’s last before taking a hiatus to focus on her health and marriage.

みんな空の下 is a beautiful ballad with a sense of hope inside. The song starts off with a very pretty instrumental that just gives the feeling of hope in the listener. Then comes the first verse and ayaka’s vocals are at their usual strength, smoothly melting over the music. In her vocals, there is truly emotion so that the lyrics come alive. There is something so natural and magical about the chorus with those amazing vocals. The instrumentation stays the same and it definitely helps capture the listener since the focus is all on ayaka.  The pure instrumental section is very strong and there’s something raw about it which catches the listener’s ear despite being somewhat short. It’s a wonderful song and if ayaka has to go out, she chose a strong song to go out with.

ayakaMinnaPromo2Things take a slightly different tone with the B-side, ありがとう。. Opening the song is a upbeat and positive instrumental that compliments that of the A-side quite well. The first verse and as usual, ayaka’s vocals sound great and match the atmosphere of the song perfectly. The chorus sounds nice because the vocals are still great and the jazziness of the instrumentation comes across a little more strongly. It sounds really good at the ending of the chorus when it’s just the piano and ayaka for those few seconds. The third verse follows a similar vibe with the focus more on the piano and it defintitely catches the listener’s ear. This is one of ayaka’s strongest songs and this should have been a double A-side because this song is really deserving of A-side status.

In order to promote the single, a PV for みんな空の下 was made. The entire video only features ayaka singing in a beautiful field at sunset, looking at the camera. It may be simple and it’s an absolutely beautiful video that gets the emotions of the song across perfectly. One thing that is noticeable about the PV is that it features a different version of the song, instead carrying an acapella version of the first half of the song. It adds a freshness to the song and ayaka’s vocals are as amazing as ever. ayaka looks great and the background setting is breathtaking. This video perfectly suits the song and leaves the listener already missing ayaka.

Single Ranking: A

ayaka is one of the strongest newcomers to J-Pop and it’s sad to know that she won’t be contributing her amazingness to the music scene. However her health is of utmost importance and it’s good that she has someone to support her and give her love at this time. みんな空の下 is the perfect way to segue into a undefined hiatus. The lyrics of both songs have an element of hope for the future in spite of everything and can apply to ayaka herself. I wish her and her husband the best and only hope that someday, she will come back to music because she will surely be missed.


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  1. hyperballad said,

    oh my god the photos are gorgeous!!!

    its soooo sad that she is leaving..I really hope she can continue write music, maybe 1 single a year will be nice T___T

    she is one of the best JPop newcomers! her voice..her music

    ahh…its just so sad

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