Tanimura Nana – every-body [6th Single]

July 7, 2009 at 8:27 pm (Tanimura Nana) (, )


Tanimura Nana’s 6th single, entitled every-body, was released on 07.08.09. The title track was used as a Chevrolet CM song.

every-body features a summer sound that will make the listener feel the rays of sunshine. Opening up the song is a calm pop instrumental that gives off that summery vibe immediately. After Nana sings “everybody, move your body,” the first verse arrives. It really does have a soothing feeling to it that catches the listener’s ear as Nana’s vocals melt over the instrumentation perfectly. The chorus picks up the energy and makes the listener want to dance and although Nana’s vocals sound a little off at parts, it’s an enjoyable part of the song. It’s fun, summery and sweet as ever.

Unfortunately things take a south turn on the B-sides, beginning with GIRLS WANNA BE. It had a pop-rock sound to it, which is nice but overall the instrumentation doesn’t carry anything special to it that really makes it stand out. It just sounds like another pop-rock song.

Mind Ya Biz sounds kinda cute and cheeky and there’s something about the instrumentation that is on the borderline of sounding interesting. However, it just doesn’t connect and leaves the listener needing a little more.

In order to promote the single, a PV for every-body was made. The video fits the summertime perfectly with Nana and her dancers showing off their moves as well as Nana just enjoying the warm sun. She looks happy and cute and she really brings out the energy of the season.

Single Ranking: B

I was hoping that Nana would step it up after Crazy for you and while every-body is a nice song, it doesn’t show Nana’s true power like songs like JUNGLE DANCE and SEXY SENORITA did. Hopefully she’ll be releasing an album soon that shows off her true chops.


  1. jpoptoday said,

    She is really talented. Very different from music of Yumi Tanimura twenty years ago!

  2. Mace said,

    I disagree on B-sides lacking something. I think that they were pure awesomeness. But it does takes a lot time to really find the true amazingness behind them. I didn’t like them at first either. (I think they are so much more fun than the A side, too :D)

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