mihimaru GT – とろけちゃうダンディ~ [21st Single]

July 7, 2009 at 6:54 pm (Mihimaru GT) (, )


mihimaru GT’s 21st single, entitled とろけちゃうダンディ,~ was released on 07.08.09.

とろけちゃうダンディ~ is a song perfect for summer. The song starts off with the chorus and there’s a real sensual vibe that comes through the vocals over the fun and summery instrumental. Then Hiroko and Miyake switch off for their rap sections. Both of them sound very into the cool atmosphere of the song so that their vocals really catch the listener’s ear. While Hiroko catches the more energetic side, Miyake catches the cooler sound. It’s a pretty good song and although not as strong as Switch, it’s still very enjoyable.

Mute is the single’s B-side. It definitely picks up the energy and lets it fly out, smacking the listener. It carries a rock sound while still mainting a sort of summery atmosphere. Hiroko’s vocals are very strong on this song and command attention. It’s a very nice compliment to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for とろけちゃうダンディ~ was made. The video is very simple, generally featuring Hiroko and Miyake jamming with their band in a pretty summery area. There is also a scene of Hiroko sensually licking a popsicle, which suits the slight sexual atmosphere in the song.

Single Ranking: B +

mihimaru GT continues a string of good songs. While these songs aren’t as strong as Switch, they are very enjoyable and get the listener ready for summer. Keep it up mihimaru GT!

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