BIG BANG – ガラガラ Go [2nd Japanese Single]

July 7, 2009 at 8:25 pm (BIG BANG) (, )


BIG BANG’s 2nd Japanese single, entitled ガラガラ Go, was released on 07.08.09.

ガラガラ Go brings back the upbeat dancing suond we know BIG BANG to be. An interesting dance instrumental begins the song with G-Dragon giving an introduction before the first verse starts in. Everyone sounds good here although the instrumentation sounds sort of like what a lot of people are doing these days, particularly in K-Pop. That first line of the chorus, say “B-I-G to the BANG” sounds cool and starts things off on the right foot. As usual, TOP’s voice demands attention and G-Dragon’s personality comes flying through on the rap sections. Overall, it’s a nice song although the music does feel a little “done” at this point.

Top Of The World definitely gets the attention more than the A-side. The song opens up with a cool dance instrumental without the techno qualities. G-Dragon and TOP sound awesome when they say “hey baby you know what time it is, everybody put your hands in the air like this.” On the first verse, the vocals are smooth and carry a certain sexual atmosphere to them that will get to the listener. The chorus is nice, although mindblowing. It definitely stands out more than the A-side and should have been the leading track.

They keep things strong with Stylish, which features probably the most addictive instrumental of the three. One thing that will stand out to the listener is that the song is in Korean but it really does fit well with the overall atmosphere of the single so including it was a good idea. G-Dragon is the star of the song and his rap section is very impressive. Even though it’s in Korean, it suits this single perfectly and was a very nice touch.

Single Ranking: A –

After My Heaven, BIG BANG really stepped it up with this single. Although ガラガラ Go was chosen as the A-side, it’s the weakest song on the single. Top Of The World and Stylish are both awesome dance tracks that will have the listener up and moving along with the boys. They definitely showed what they can do with this single and hopefully they’ll be sticking to this style with their Japanese career.


  1. hyperballad said,

    ahhh I havent got a chance to listen to this yet but it sounds good..

    and 2NE1’s mini out today!!! ❤

    • amaiyume said,

      It’s REALLY good 🙂
      And I will be reviewing it later today!! Yay 2NE1!!!

  2. aikorin said,

    Gara Gara Go is AMAZING. I love love love love love love love this single XD
    This single is sooooooooo fantastic *spazzes*
    Lol, sorry for spamming XD

    • amaiyume said,

      hahaha it’s a really good single so i can understand the spazzing XD
      And comments are always appreciated 🙂

  3. Phurdonk said,

    “GARA GARA GO!!” is another quality release from Big Bang. Even though I love “MY HEAVEN”, the boys stepped up their game even further with this single. Also, I have to disagree with you Amai Wana. In my opinion, “GARA GARA GO!!” is the strongest song on the single and deserves to be the A-side.

    My only problem with the single is “Stylish”. While it’s an awesome song, I feel they slacked on it a bit by not recording again in Japanese.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see Big Bang enjoying some success in Japan. I’m also happy that they’re making the boyband scene in Japan less “mediocre” (Sorry Amai Wana and other JE boy fans but I’ve yet to come across a Japanese boyband that is as good as TVXQ and Big Bang).

    • amaiyume said,

      I agree, this single is stronger than the last. I only thought My Heaven was okay. Well, to each their own I suppose. It’s not that I don’t likee GARA GARA Go but it’s style just seems so much like what everyone is doing these days…

      Stylish is awesome!! I didn’t know it wsa recorded before in Korean so it was completely new to me XD

      hahaha, a lot of people think that JE boy bands don’t really have the talent so it’s nothing I haven’t heard before! I think BIG BANG and Tohoshinki are great bands. I really like G-Dragon and his voice is awesome but the others don’t really grab me. Tohoshinki does TOO MANY BALLADS [but they have some awesome dance songs]. I personally prefer JE not only for their musical style but because of the people in the group…I feel closer to them than in BIG BANG or Tohoshinki. But again, to each their own 🙂

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