V6 – スピリット [35th Single]

July 2, 2009 at 1:59 am (V6) (, )

V6 - Spirit

V6’s 35th single, entitled スピリット, was released on 06.17.09. スピリット was used as the Waseda Academy CM song and theme song for Fuji’s TV’s program VivaVivaV6. The single was released in three editions, the regular edition featuring four songs. The 2CD version features a second CD with four songs, two from Coming Century and two from 20th Century.

スピリット is a sweet and cheery pop number sure to put a smile on the listener’s face. They kick things off with the chorus after a very interesting and technological sound, which is kind of misleading. Everyone sounds happy and cute on the chorus, with the instrumentation supporting that atmosphere perfectly. First up is the duo of Masayuki and Go. Their voices compliment one another but are different enough to stand out individually. On Inohara and Ken’s duet, the music becomes slightly more twinkling and sets up the listener for the chorus again. Their vocals sound great and go with the music very well. On the second verse, they split into trios and the attention is still captured. The pure instrumental section has more of a cool feel to it so that section really stands out from the usual sweetness of the verses. It’s cute and sweet, definitely worth a listen.

CHANCE! is the B-side that appears on all editions of the single. The song starts off with a fun and cool instrumental that immediately signals a happy beach atmosphere. And then is exactly what comes with the chorus, filled with great vocals and more fantastic instrumentation. It sounds particularly strong when the guys with the lower vocals have the spotlight. On the verses, the boys sing with a rapidity that will definitely catch the listener’s ear. The pure instrumental section sounds amazing and is one of the highlights of the song just because the listener can get an appreciation of how good the music really is. It’s an amazing song and could have been the A-side.

明日の傘 is a B-side present only on the regular edition of the single. The song opens up with a soft and natural instrumental that feels like it’s going to tell a story. Then comes the first verse and the vocals are very nice, staying smooth and complimenting the emotion of the music very well. The chorus has a magical feeling with everyone’s voices coming together to fuel that magic. It’s a very pretty song and it’s nice to see the group take things slow and still stay strong.

どうかよろしく。is the other B-side only present on the regular edition of the single. The song starts off with a very pretty summery instrumental that will be sure to give the listener that feeling of warmth. Then comes the first verse and they sound so happy and sweet that the listener can’t help but smile along with them. Things continue to shine on the chorus when everyone comes together and that happy warm feeling persists. The song has a slightly jazzy feel to it which also is ear-catching. It’s such a sweet song that is perfect for the summer season and it’s a strong incentive to get the regular edition of this single.

The second CD of the limited edition A version features two songs from 20th Century and two songs from Coming Century. 20th Century, comprised of Masayuki, Hiroshi and Yoshihiko, start things off with スタートライン. Beginning the song is a cool dance instrumental with various sounds to make it more interesting. Then once the song’s true sound comes in, there is a refreshing breeze that blows through to the listener. On the first verse, the vocals are very nice and smooth, complimenting the simple instrumentation. The chorus is nice although it would have been nicer if the music was a little different to make it stand out even more.

Cmong Century, consisting of Go, Ken and Junichi, gets the spotlight with their song, Desert Eagle. The song kicks off with a nice instrumental that doesn’t exactly connect with the listener as well as it should. Then the chorus comes in and the vocals are good and the English is a nice touch although the music still doesn’t demand attention. It was surprising to hear the guys rap and it actually sounds pretty cool, still fitting with the music. It’s an okay song although not as strong as hoped.

20th Century comes back with their second song, red. It’s a nice midtempo instrumental that starts this song off and it gives the image of walking through the neighboorhood. The boys perfectly understand that coolness of the music and its reflected in their vocals, really standing out. The chorus is actually kind of cute just because of the vocals that come together. However it still fits perfectly with the other parts of the song. For nailing the cool vibe on the head, the song is pretty nice.

Finally, Coming Century closes the single with Are you ready tonight? The song begins with a really cool instrumental that will make the listener want to dance along.It has a trippy effect that definitely stands out. The first verse then follows and the vocals are so cute because they carry a really fun feeling to them and one can tell that the boys are having fun with this one. The English lines like “Do you wanna dance?” really stand out and make the chorus addictive. On the second CD, this is definitely the strongest song so Coming Century should be proud. Ken sounds particularly cute on this song.

In order to promote the single, a PV for スピリット was made. The video is extremely simple, just featuring the boys on a construction site in front of a big metal orb. There is a scene where they climb onto the ball but otherwise, they just sing and look happy. It’s not the best video but seeing them look cute and happy definitely works with the song’s atmosphere.

Single Ranking: A

As V6’s first single of the year, they definitely had to bring something worth the long wait. They were successful with that, offering a total of eight new songs for the audience. The first CD [four on the regular edition] is definitely better featuring a sweet and happy V6. CHANCE! and どうかよろしく。are perfect for summer while Spirit has a cuteness that cannot be ignored. The second CD isn’t as strong although Are you ready tonight? is a very addictive song that Coming Century deliver flawlessly. Hopefully they will be more active for the second half of the year because they have the talent to deliver great songs.

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