Aira Mitsuki – プラスティックドール [PV Review]

July 2, 2009 at 2:29 am (Aira Mitsuki) (, )

Plastic Doll Promo

In order to promote Aira Mitsuki’s upcoming album, PLASTIC, a PV for プラスティックドール was made. PLASTIC will be released on 07.22.09. The song itself will be reviewed alongside the rest of the album when it is released.

The プラスティックドール PV features an actual storyline, perhaps a first for Aira. The plastic doll is seen running through town and slowly, loses his limbs one by one. As he loses the limb, it magically vanishes and Aira’s limb becomes plastic. The video goes on until the actual plastic doll breaks and Aira becomes a doll completely. The song itself has such a fantasy feel to it and this little storyline really suits the video perfectly. Other scenes include close-up shots and shots of Aira playing the drums. This was a great way to promote PLASTIC and the song definitely does that as well, leaving the listener wanting to hear the rest of the album.

PV Ranking: A


  1. Crispy said,

    I think the doll has a better outfit but cant wait for PLASTIC

    • amaiyume said,

      hahaha I can’t wait either!!
      Yeah I like the doll’s top 🙂

      • Crispy said,

        haha…yeah its a good top but the belt…

  2. blackmager said,

    Gotta check it out later.
    I’ve missed so much.

    Did aira dye her hair black?
    If she did, she really looks good on it.
    even though her hair looks kinda flat now.

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