Ikio Ayaka – RE: Acid Queen [Debut Mini Album]

June 19, 2009 at 2:57 am (Ikio Ayaka) (, )

Ayaka Ikio

Ikio Ayaka’s debut mini album, entitled RE: Acid Queen, was released on 01.14.09. Spin Me Round was released as the album promotional track.

The album opens up with the introductory track, RE:. It begins with what sounds like electric power before the sleek instrumentation comes in. Ayaka then says different words beginning with “re” and it’s hard to make out just what she’s saying all the time but that’s okay. It’s not the most developed way to start things off but it does draw the listener into an interesting electric instrumental. It’s an amazing song with an addictive instrumental that sparkles in the ears of the listener.

Then comes the promotional song, Spin Me Round. The song spins with an aggressive hot instrumental that draws the listener in. The vocals sound pretty weird with the vocoder on them since they come out so deep. It’s somewhat surprising at first listen but the sheer amazingness of the music takes away any doubts. The chorus, on the other hand, features more normal vocals that sound perfect alongside the music. Without a doubt, this is the most addictive song on the album and will shine brightly.

Up next is Mess Up My Body, which carries a similar vibe to the last track. That opening instrumental feels like a fantasy world so it definitely gets things off on a good way. Then her vocals come in and the distortion makes them suit the music perfectly. It’s kind of like she’s faraway calling to the listener. One of the notable parts of the song is that she says “fucking,” wich is surprising but somehow, it suits the song well. It’s not as catchy as the previous song though and perhaps if it was shortened, it would have been even more enjoyable.

LOLLyPoP follows with a sexual atmosphere. The song opens up with a very interesting instrumental and then she sings the first verse and the vocoder isn’t on her voice, which comes as a very surprising. She also drops “fuck” and “bitch” quite a number of times. The vocoder comes back on the chorus as she sings “lick my lollipop.” It wasn’t the most engaging track although it might have been stronger with the vocoder on her vocals throughout the song. It’s pretty weird but it’s kind of addictive to hear what she says next since everything seems so random.

The fifth song is Pain Killer. It begins with an aggressive instrumental that definitely captures attention. It makes the perfect introduction for Ayaka to come in with the vocoder back on her vocals. Then the instrumentation loses the aggression but not the sleekness as the verse goes on. Pain Killer is a pretty fun and slick song that will make the listener want to dance along with Ayaka.

Spiral Storage, a strange song, is the sixth track. The song starts off with a cool instrumental that stands out nicely and then Ayaka comes in. Her vocals aren’t completely lacking the assistance of the vocoder but they do stray away from its complete use. It probably would have been better to have them like usual because they might have suited the music better. It definitely isn’t the strongest song on the album but it’s a nice listen.

Album Ranking: B

For a debut mini album, this was definitely not bad. The instrumentation remained strong throughout the album and although the vocals were a little iffy on some of the songs, the overall product was nice. Spin Me Round was clearly the highlight of the album but some of the other songs were enjoyable too. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

Memorable Tracks: Spin Me Round / Mess Up My Body / Pain Killer


  1. Bozu said,

    Never heard of her…I’ll give her a shot!

    • amaiyume said,

      Spin Me Round is soooo addictive so if anything, that’s the track you should go for 🙂

  2. Selryam said,

    …B? Really?

    Now I feel like the only one who absolutely hates this girl to death. .-.

    (By the by, if you don’t mind me asking, not to be rude or anything, but why do you use promos as covers sometimes?)

    • amaiyume said,

      haha, Spin Me Round is just too addictive to turn her away!!

      Oh and if I can’t find decent covers then I use any pic I can find XD

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