Gackt – Faraway ~星に願いを~ [32nd Single]

June 16, 2009 at 4:10 pm (Gackt) (, )


Gackt’s 32nd single, entitled Faraway ~星に願いを,~ was released on 06.17.09. The single comes as the second of four consecutive singles to commemorate the countdown to Gackt’s 10th anniversary.

Faraway ~星に願いを~ is a rock spirited love song. The song begins with a rock-filled instrumental to really kick things off on the right way. Then comes the first verse and his vocals support the simple instrumentation, driven by the guitar (both rock and acoutstic). The clapping helps catch the listener’s attention and the cheering adds to the overall energy. With the distortion on his vocals during the chorus, it definitely stands out. It’s just a nice fun number that will make the listener want t dance along with Gackt.

The B-side f the single is Oblivious ~顔のない天使.~ Beginning the song is a very pretty instrumental with the acoustic guitar really catching the listener’s ear. His vocals carry the necessary emotion to bring the song to life on the first verse. It becomes clear that sadness will reign and it comes most strongly on the chorus. The instrumentation becomes more powerful as do his vocals. It’s a pretty good song with the emotions coming out for the listener to hear and feel.

Single Ranking: B +

Gackt steps things up a little from the first single. Faraway ~星に願いを~ has a nice rock flavor that is catchy and the B-side is a very pretty song. There’s just something missing from these songs. They lack that magic like Vanilla or Blue Lagoon. Although, they are very strong lyrically.


  1. a fan said,

    erm…isn’t it his 31st? Vanilla was released twice, with no changes, so that doesn’t count..and the “Remix of Gackt” isn’t a real Gackt single, since he did not approve its release. So really, it should be his 31st.

    • amaiyume said,

      Well I don’t know enough about Gackt to follow this so I was just going off of what wikipedia, which could very well be wrong XD

      It was released with no changes? LOL, what’s the point! But let’s just say that it’s the 32nd because then everything would be thrown off XD

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