SHINee – Romeo [Second Mini Album]

June 15, 2009 at 11:09 pm (SHINee) (, )


SHINee’s second mini album, entitled Romeo, was released on 05.27.09. The track 줄리엣 was used as the promotional track.

The album begins with the slick number, 니가 맘에 들어. The song opens up with a cool funky instrumental and one of the members spelling out the group’s name. Then comes the rap section and it sounds a little strange with the music but it does grab the listener’s attention, albeit not in the best way. The following songs is a lot better because they sing with a sleekness that is reflected in the instrumentation. The chorus is a little bland but the line “I like the way you talk” does stand out quite nicely. Lyrically, the English lines like “talk to my body” really catch the listener’s ear around the Korean lyrics.

Up next is the promotional track, 줄리엣. Opening the song is another cool instrumental that will make the listener want to dance. The vocals come in quickly this time and they have that coolness that really suits the instrumentation. As the verse goes on, the music becomes lighter so it bears a similarity to their song 산소 같은 너. The chorus is nice because of the vocals. It really stands out when they sing “Juliette” and then give some vocalizations. The rap section actually sounds really good here and fits with the song’s atmosphere perfectly. Overall, it’s a catchy and nice track that is worthy of the position of promotional song.

차라리 때려 is the following song. The song begins with a soft and twinkling instrumental supported by some vocalizations, instilling a calm feeling in the listener. Then comes the first verse and the vocals are okay, although they don’t really stand out as much as hoped. The music is pretty though and that kind of carries the listener through it. Luckily, the vocals get better on the chorus and demand attention as they carry emotions that bring the song to life. The title of the song is misleading but it’s a nice slow song, although it could have been better.

A Spanish influenced song, 세노리따 follows. The song begins with another cool dance instrumental that carries a different sound to the others thanks to the Spanish guitar. Immediately the listener’s attention is grabbed and then the first verse comes in. The vocals are great ranging from soft and sleek to powerful and capturing. Before the chorus, the instrumentation becomes soft and sweet with the vocals perfectly matching. Then the energy comes back out for the chorus and it will make the listener want to dance along with SHINee. With that cool instrumental, the rap section fits perfectly and is really commanding.

잠꼬대, a duet between Onew and Jonghyun is the fifth track. Beginning the song is the first verse featuring vocals that might make you cry supported by the fragile sounds of the piano. It’s extremely beautiful and it sounds like the boys themselves are about to burst into tears while singing, which really touches the listener’s heart. When they sing together on the chorus, it really stands out, especially Onew who’s vocals seem to fit the overall song’s atmosphere a little better. It’s a very pretty ballad and one of the more memorable songs on the album.

The album closes with soft dreamy song, 소년, 소녀를 만나다. The song begins with a rap, which sounds really weird and the music sounds kind of dreamy. The first set of vocals on the first verse have kind of a trippy feeling to them and thus really stand out. The chorus is nice although it is a little simple. It doesn’t stand as strongly as hoped. It’s an okay song but not exactly fitting of the closing number.

Album Ranking: B

Romeo wasn’t the best way for SHINee to make their comeback. The songs were good but they lacked that special magic to make them so memorable. 세노리따 is the exception and is definitely the standout track on the album. It should have been the promotional track because it really is the most creative one on the album.

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  1. betzaida said,

    annyeonghaseo oppas. . . . . youre so very cute and young. . . .hope you guys will reach youre dreams and be succesful to youre career always. . . . . . . .saranghe oppas. . . . .

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