Kawashima Ai – 大丈夫だよ [18th Single]

June 12, 2009 at 11:28 am (Kawashima Ai) (, )

Daijoubu da yo

Kawashima Ai’s 18th single, entitled 大丈夫だよ, was released on 04.08.09. The title track was used as the theme song to Hachigatsu no Symphony.

Ai shows her natural side with 大丈夫だよ. The song opens up with a cool natural instrumental that catches the listener’s attention. It actually sounds reminiscent of aiko. She then sings the first verse and the vocals aren’t particularly capturing until she gets a little bit into it. The chorus would have been much more enjoyable if Ai’s vocals were better since they’re distracting and take away from the instrumentation. It’s an okay song but nothing worth going out of your way to listen to.

The first B-side of the single is the uplifting number, Power of smile. The song begins with a nice midtempo instrumental that gives a real hopeful feeling. Then Ai comes in on the first verse and although her vocals are smooth and sweet, there’s something about them that is slightly off-putting. Perhaps it’s how she holds certain notes when she probably shouldn’t. If she gave stronger vocals on the chorus, it actually could have been really catchy but she comes off sounding a little bit bored. Overall the music was actually pretty good but the vocals didn’t bring the song to life as they should have.

Things slow down for the next B-side, Escape. The piano serves as the central instrumental and the simple combination of vocals and piano works very well. She sounds great on the first verse since her vocals tend to be on the softer side. The first time that the chorus comes up, it’s hard to recognize it because there is no instrumental change or vocal change so the song actually begins to sound a little monotone. Again, stronger vocals could have made the song a lot stronger.

Single Ranking: B –

Overall, all three songs on the single face the same problem. The music is nice and sweet but the vocals aren’t strong enough to really bring the songs to life. If she can bring some stronger vocals then she could make some great music.

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