Nishino Kana – 君に会いたくなるから [6th Single]

June 11, 2009 at 5:32 am (Nishino Kana) (, )

Kimi ni...

Nishino Kana’s 6th single, entitled 君に会いたくなるから, was released on 06.03.09.

君に会いたくなるから is a sweet love song. The song begins with a pretty midtempo instrumental that will definitely catch the listener’s attention. On the first verse, the piano comes to make the music sweeter and to suit Kana’s vocals better. She does go a little high at points when she doesn’t need to but generally, her vocals are very nice and flow with the music perfectly. The chorus is memorable because of the way the syllables are pronounced. Some are slow and some are fast but they all come together to form a cohesive section of the song. It’s a good song and although it could have been stronger at points, it’s still a nice listen.

Kana teams up with WISE again for the first B-side of this single, 失恋モード. The song starts off with a nice R&B instrumental with WISE saying “la la la life goes on” and it gets really annoying really quickly because it just doesn’t suit his voice. Luckily Kana comes in on the first verse and her vocals fit the twinkling sweet instrumental perfectly. What makes the chorus stand out are those vocals that Kana holds, showing her vocal strength. Once again, WISE doesn’t really fit into the song as well as he should have but it was a nice thought to have him on the track. Overall, this is a nice song and it would have been even better without WISE.

Again is a natural song that will stay in the listener’s mind. Opening up the song is a nice and relaxing instrumental driven by the sounds of the acoustic guitar. Kana provides some nice vocalizations here and there to catch the listener’s ear. On the first verse, there’s something very sweet in her voice that stands out. It’s not particularly powerful but it’s enjoyable and it fits with the feeling of instrumentation. The chorus shines because the instrumentation becomes more diverse and Kana keeps up with every beat. On the third verse, her vocals become fragile and even angelic, sounding wonderful and delicate on the listener’s ears. It’s a very enjoyable song and one that suits Kana’s vocals very well.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 君に会いたくなるから was made. The video is pretty simple, featuring Kana walk through a record store and then through town, passing by an old love. They both long to see each other although they never end up meeting. It may not be complicated or the most visually impressive but it suits the song’s theme quite well.

Single Ranking: B

Overall, the song is “nice” but it’s nothing too great. Again is definitely the best song on the single and it should have been the A-side since its the most memorable. It’s nice and sweet song that showcases her vocals wonderfully. Both 君に会いたくなるから and 失恋モード are good too but they could have been stronger.

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