misono – end=START / 終点~君の腕の中~ [13th Single]

June 9, 2009 at 12:27 pm (misono) (, )


misono’s 13th single, entitled end=START / 終点~君の腕の中,~ was released on 06.10.09.

end=START is a rock song featuring some cool music. The song begins with a cool rock instrumental that feels like it’s introducing a new world. Finally, misono gets an aggressive instrumental that suits her. Things kind of take a little trip south on the first verse since she whines a little too much and lets her vocals get a little sloppy. That’s the problem of the chorus as well. She doesn’t really control her vocals and lets them just fly, which is a shame because if she kept them under control, the song would have been a lot more enjoyable. Of course, the pure instrumental section sounds awesome and is very ear catching. Instrumentally, the song is great but the final product loses points for misono’s vocals.

終点~君の腕の中~ is the slower song and is a sweet piano ballad. Although misono still has her moments when she sounds screechy, she actually sounds pretty good on this song. The music is very pretty and her vocals do manage to compliment it well quite often. This definitely should have been the leading A-side since it’s a lot stronger than end=START.

In order to promote the single, a PV for end=START. Basically, the video features misono writhing in a doctor’s office while people are at the intersection of the end and the start, trying to decide which way to go. I feel like they could have done a lot with the theme of the song and they let that opportunity slip by.

Single Ranking: B

Well it’s not the biggest or best single but it’s pretty good for misono. end=START has a great rock instrumental that got held back by misono’s vocals while 終点~君の腕の中~ was actually quite pretty and had more vocal control from misono. I wonder what her next move will be after her new BEST album.

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