Misia – 銀河 / いつまでも [22nd Single]

June 9, 2009 at 12:54 pm (Misia) (, )


Misia’s 22nd single, entitled 銀河 / いつまでも, was released on 06.10.09. While 銀河 was used as the Kose Sekkisei Supreme CM song, いつまでも was also used as a Kose Sekkisei CM song.

銀河 is a magical grand ballad. Opening the song is a soft and natural instrumnental that carries a sadness to it that will grab the listener. Misia’s vocals are great on the first verse and carry that unmistakable beauty that is always recognizable in her vocals. The element of grandeur comes in on the chorus as the music becomes slightly more diverse and she gives even stronger vocals. She definitely holds her notes well and it adds to the magical feeling of the song.

It’s kind of strange to have an A-side be only roughly 1:30 minutes but  that’s exactly what いつまでも is. It’s very pretty and just features Misia and the piano for a soft intimate kind of song. It’s nice but it feels kind of pointless to have it on the single. They might as well just have saved it for the next album and used it for an introductory track or interlude.

少しずつ 大切に is such a pretty relaxing track that is perfect for spring.It may even be a little formulaic but there’s just something so likeable about it that cannot be denied. This should have been the other A-side since it definitely deserves the attention of the audience.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 銀河 was made. The primary scene of the video features Misia singing on the moon. There’s just something very fitting about having the video be set in space and it works very well with the song. There are also scenes of a little blond boy exploring the universe. It’s actually a pretty good video despite being so simple.

Single Ranking: B +

Misia did a great job with her new single. Although all the songs are slow songs, they all have their own special sound. 銀河 is the grand one,  いつまでも is the short and simple one and 少しずつ 大切に is the sweet one. Hopefully she will be delivering more singles this year because if not, her presence will be missed.

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