BENI – 恋焦がれて [11th Single]

June 9, 2009 at 1:36 pm (BENI) (, )


BENI’s 11th single, entitled 恋焦がれて, was released on 06.10.09. It’s the third release under her new name BENI, under hew new label.

恋焦がれて, a sweet midtempo number, is described as a love song perfect for summer. The song begins with some vocalizations from BENI that sound beautiful and the sweet sounds of the guitar. They form such a good combination and make for the perfect opening. Then comes the first verse and her vocals sound very pretty here, carrying emotion to make the listener really fall into the sound of the song. As expected, the chorus sounds great and she brings even stronger vocals to make this section stand out even more. 恋焦がれて is definitely BENI’s best song under her new name and is one of the strongest songs in her discography.

CRUISE the WORLD is a nice change for BENI as it’s an upbeat pop song with a pretty interesting instrumental. It’s cute but it also carries a cool element to it that will have the listener playing the song on repeat. With all of the A-sides from BENI thus far being slow songs, it’s nice to have her do something different even if it’s only for the B-side.

FOREVER 21 is the single’s second B-side. It’s a nice song although it doesn’t particularly stand out like the other two songs on the single. Her vocals are quite nice but the music is just pretty uninteresting.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 恋焦がれて was made. The video fits perfectly with the song, featuring a couple in love. They spend time apart and are longing to see each other, wondering if it’s the right decision. BENI also appears in the video as she stands outside in the rain. Although she’s not directly involved in the plot of the video, it’s as if her message reaches the two people and brings them together.

Single Ranking: A –

Without a doubt, 恋焦がれて is BENI’s best single. The title track is a beautiful midtempo track with emotions that come through strongly. CRUISE the WORLD is an excellent B-side and it would have been a fantastic A-side. It should have been a double A-side with these two songs. Forever 21 is a little forgettable but overall, it’s a great single and one to be remembered.



  1. tFayt said,

    Wow, best single from her to date. I just love Koi Kogarete. I can’t wait until her album comes out. She should sing more songs like CRUISE the WORLD ’cause upbeat songs get me faster. ^_^

    Slower songs are much more powerful but they really take time to fully get into me. Heh. She’s pretty. I never knew that. =)

  2. amaiyume said,

    I agree!!! Her best BENI song and except for maybe Here Alone, her best song!! CRUISE the WORLD is awesome too!!! One heck of a single!

    I’m the same way with slow songs. I think particularly with artists I’m not huge fans of. Certain artists can just deliver amazing ballads that strike me immediately and others take time to sink in 🙂

    And she is pretty!! Although she looks better with long hair

  3. tFayt said,

    Haha yeah, if you want me to like a new artist, don’t give me a ballad but something upbeat. About the hair… just like Goto Maki. Why do they have to cut their hair anyways? Change? Sure. But…

    Oh, we’re getting so many singles during the summer. I want albums! 😦

  4. amaiyume said,

    LOL, same!! Start things off with something I can dance to and then I’ll ease my way into ballads. The only exception that comes to mind is Otsuka Ai, who delivered absolutely beautiful ballads and that’s the reason I became a fan of hers!

    Yeah, Maki’s hair was great too when it was long but I guess I’m used to it being short now…she could wear extensions…like in Lady Rise 🙂

    Wow…you’re right. The only albums that I currently am excited for during the summer are Perfume’s new album and Tegomasu’s new album…but I’m thinking there are gonna be some great singles too!!

    • tFayt said,

      [Uh. Second try. It didn’t work the first time? NOOOOOOOO.]

      Ahem. Wiki says Gocchin’s first album under avex is coming this fall entitled Sweet-Rise. Can we believe wiki? =_=” Oh, and no more SWEET BLACK crap please. 😀

      Hmm. I’m also waiting for “triangle” even if the tracks don’t look very appealing. There’s also the not-very-pretty CD+DVD cover that ruins it.

      Tegomass? I’ll wait for their album to come out then I’ll try ’em out. I rarely listen to artists from H!P or JE.

  5. tFayt said,

    Yeah, “triangle” is one album that I’m waiting for. Although the CD+DVD cover really sucks. <_<

    For sure we're going to get some pretty good singles! Koda Kumi's 3 SPLASH for example, I can't wait to see the PVs 'cause the songs are FIERCE (mostly because of Ecstasy).

    Tegomass? Hmm. I'll try them out. I never really listened to songs from H!P or JE. We'll see how it goes. =D

  6. amaiyume said,

    LOL, it’s okay! Your comment actually showed up in the spam section for some reason so I had to approve it before it got posted…I don’t know why it ended up in there…wordpress is so weird sometimes

    Triangle’s CD + DVD cover sucks XD
    But I’ll be getting the CD Only version anyway so I guess it’s all good hehe. I’m really looking forward to hearing it 🙂

    I’m patiently looking forward to 3 Splash! I haven’t listened to any of the songs and I haven’t even seen the covers yet!! I’m waiting until my copies come in the mail so I can give them all a listen and be surprised 🙂

    Well apparently there’s supposed to be a 4th edition of SWEET BLACK so we’re probably gonna have at least one more…I’m waiting for her to release a PHYSICAL single already…she can include “hear me” + 3 SWEET BLACK songs + a few new tracks and that could be a great mini album!!

    I hope you like Tegomasu!!! They’re my two favorite members of NEWS so I’m sure the album will be awesome!

  7. tFayt said,

    (So WordPress thinks I’m spam huh? Damn you WordPress!) 😀

    I really have bad memory I can barely remember what I wrote 10 minutes ago which is why my two posts are a bit different. I just forgot. Heh.

    Anyways, avex is really taking their time with Maki eh? I mean, they’re not doing much with her. One can only hope for the mini-album! Oh yeah, before I forget what were the songs that got you into Otsuka Ai? I would like to try her as well but there’s a lot to choose so… help me! Please? =)

    I don’t know how you can WAIT when the songs are available. Ooof, I can’t do that. And I live in Canada so… I don’t want to wait like 2 weeks until I get my CD. Sucks. Where do you live anyway? Also, I don’t buy from those who import CD’s because they rip me off so, no. Have a goooood day. =D

    • amaiyume said,

      hahaha you’re not spam!! WordPress is just being dumb!

      Yeah…when she was first announced in the avex roster, I was so excited and was gonna buy both editions of her single…but she hasn’t released a physical one yet so…

      Well my first song that got me into Otsuka Ai was Kingyo Hanabi. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it made me cry…one of her best songs ever. Daisuki da yo and Momo no Hanabira then cemented that love and I became a fan 🙂

      I live in the U.S. (although I wish I lived in Japan…) and yesasia doesn’t take that long (well I guess it depends on the order) so it takes about a week to get to me. And I’m with you, I have to get the official Japan version from a website (not someone selling) just because I feel weird if I don’t XD

      Thank you for commenting!!! You have a good day too and enjoy some Otsuka Ai!!!

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