Gackt – 小悪魔ヘヴン [31st Single]

June 8, 2009 at 10:20 pm (Gackt) (, )

Koakuma Heaven

Gackt’s 31st single, entitled 小悪魔ヘヴン, was released on 06.10.09. This single comes as of the first of four consecutive singles to commemorate the countdown to Gackt’s 10th anniversary.

小悪魔ヘヴン is another catchy electric track. The song begins with a cool instrumental that carries the same sort of electro feeling that his recent signles carry. It’s definitely a great way to start off the song and there’s a sweetness to it that stands out. Next comes the first verse and the slight distortion on her vocals actually catches the listener’s ear very well and commands attention. The chorus is catchy and nice, definitely worth listening for although it’s primarily the music that is responsible for its catchiness. So of course the pure instrumental section stands out and just keeps the listener’s interest quite well. It’s fun and the lyrics are quite naughty, which Gackt seems to be very good at doing.

Gackt comes back to the rock sounds with this single’s B-side, My Father’s Day, dedicated to his stage father, Ogata Ken. The song begins with full rock instrumental that sounds a little off somehow. It’s just missing that special edge to catches the listener’s ear. When he sings on the first verse, it sounds like it could be the opening theme of an anime series, which is kind of strange coming from Gackt. Overall, it’s kind of boring and it would have been better if he had stuck to the electric sound.

Single Ranking: B

Gackt started off the four consecutive singles nicely although it could have been better. The title track is pretty interesting but My Father’s Day was pretty uninteresting. Hopefully the next song will be more addictive.


  1. teteatetes said,

    Who is the girl on the cover? Don’t tell me it’s Gackt….

  2. amaiyume said,

    LOL, sorry to tell you that it is Gackt XD

  3. karadin said,

    Gackt’s new single ‘My Father’s Day’ is not dedicated to his biological father, but stage and screen actor Ogata Ken, who starred with Gackt in the taiga drama Fuurin Kazan in 2008, Ogata-san passed away last year, and Gackt wrote a farewell letter to him ‘goodbye from your idiot son’.

  4. amaiyume said,

    Oh, that’s so sweet!!
    Thank you for pointing this out 🙂

  5. Carmen said,

    *gasp* He’s even prettier than a girl!

  6. Jack said,

    I think this single is great. I enjoy the B-Side.

  7. tFayt said,

    HAHA. Prettier than a girl. I have to agree but still, Gackt is handsome. ;D
    I really like the electric sound he really should do it like this.

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