Shiraishi Nori – norizm [Debut Mini Album]

June 2, 2009 at 1:29 am (Shiraishi Nori) (, )


Shiraishi Nori’s debut mini album, entitled norizm, was released on 04.15.09. The singles released before the album are BLACK, again, 涙あふれた… and Fighter. However only again and Fighter were included on the album.

The album opens on a strong note with again. The song begins with an exotic instrumental that entices and teases the listener with a few background vocals from Nori before she dives into the first verse. Her vocals here sound great and suit the exotic temptation of the instrumentation. The chorus sounds great as she holds those notes a little bit longer and the power is a little more present. Much like BLACK, the pure instrumental section comes in the middle of the song and it sounds great. It’s very drawing and enticing. Her rap section sounds great as well since she delivers it with such attitude and sleekness. It’s the album’s best track and thus it’s the perfect way to open up the album.

Nori teams up with SPOCK of NORTH COAST BAD BOYZ for the second song, Fighter. The song begins with an interesting instrumental, highlighted by very soft sounds from traditional elements and then the beat comes in to show its dance sound. Nori sounds very smooth on the first verse but she really stands out when she gives the rap section. Much like before, she delivers with attitude, which makes it memorable. The chorus is memorable for the final line “I can’t stop, fighter.” SPOCK sounds a little rough but he does suit the style of the song quite well. It’s another good song and a nice way to follow the opening track.

The energy stays with TECHNIC but it takes it more in a happy way. There’s something very cute about the song and she brings more quality vocals to the song. It has kind of a summery feel and she really makes the song come alive. She manages to keep the listener’s attention.

LIKE ME has kind of an electronic feel to it and had it been more aggressive, this might have been a stellar song. She sounds kind of monotone on the chorus so that the part is a little shaky but she sounds very smooth on the verses. They could have pushed the music a little more to make it stronger but it’s still an enjoyable song.

どうしてこんなに might have been a truly strong song if the combination of Nori’s vocals and the music was there. Unfortunately, the music took over as being really pretty but Nori didn’t deliver the vocal strength that could really compliment it.

Without a doubt, STEP UP is the worst song on the album. It’s just really uninteresting because the music has no grabbing points. The vocals couldn’t even save the song so they would have been better off including BLACK over this song.

Album Ranking: B

norizm is a nice collection of songs and some of them do stand out nicely. The album kind of goes from best track to worst track so listening to it in order can make it sound like it’s deteriorating but there are some solid songs on here and hopefully we’ll be hearing more of her in the future.

Memorable Tracks: again / Fighter / Technic


  1. tFayt said,

    Her eyes… because of her eyes I thought it was Ayumi Hamasaki for some reason… Oh wait, she does look like Ayumi. gna…

    I’ll check this album out. *boom*

  2. amaiyume said,

    hhaha, I don’t really see it but if you do, okay XD

    Yeah, you should check it out! Her music is kinda hard to find but some of her songs are really good so it’s worth the look 🙂

  3. tFayt said,

    …it really is hard to find.

  4. MUHAHAHA said,

    it’s really hard to find her new mini album

    i mean, i have all her singles, but i only found like me, technic on their own, not in an album.

    it’s been two months, i really hope someone knows where can find her album

  5. MUHAHAHA said,

    finally got it a week ago!!!

    her next mini was announced few days ago….

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