MEG – BEAUTIFUL [6th Studio Album]

May 27, 2009 at 9:50 pm (MEG) (, )


MEG’s 6th studio album, entitled BEAUTIFUL, was released on 05.27.09. PRECIOUS and FREAK were released before the album although FREAK was not included on the CD portion of the album. Instead, it was remixed by Nakata and placed on the DVD portion.

DAYS, an introductory track clocking in at just less than two minutes, begins the album. Opening the song is a very trippy instrumental that is kind of slow so there is a slightly haunting atmosphere about the song. This is particularly seen in MEG’s long and drawn out vocals. After she sings “fly with me,” the vocals sound kind of shaky as she’s trying to hold them for so long. After a bit after the minute mark, the tempo sounds just slightly faster and MEG speaks a little. On the one hand, it does introduce the sound of the album nicely but it’s not a particularly memorable song.

The first full track is PRECIOUS, released as a single beforehand. The song starts off with a dreamy instrumental which is nice although MEG’s vocals are a little to be desired. The use of the guitar was very smart since it makes the music stand out from the rest of the album. Things pick a little more on the first verse as there’s just something more likeable and cool about it. Unfortunately, the chorus sounds a little generic and keeps the listener from really falling into the song’s atmosphere.

TELEPHONE is the next track. The song begins with a cool and relaxing instrumental which carries a soft sweetness to it. MEG’s vocals are actually very loveable here and suit the music perfectly. English phrases like “I need the telephone” and “we feel the telephone” stand out and she really brings those particular phrases to life. The hook is a very good lyrical connection to the theme of the telephone as she sings “your love runs on the electric wave and I recieve it…” The chorus continues the fun sound previously established and all the English is very ear-catching. Of course the pure instrumental section stnads out and has a sort of aggression to it that is perfect. Without a doubt, TELEPHONE is one of the ost addictive new tracks.

LIES takes on the sound of previous numbers like SUPERSONIC with a clear focus on the instrumentation. It starts off on a very strong note and catches the listener’s attention. Once she starts singing, it is near impossible to understand what she is singing, even though the song is in all English. Nonetheless, the lyrics carry a sexual atmosphere to them as she sings “You rush my heart with endorphin, I really really don’t know what you’d say next morning.” There doesn’t seem to be any particular chorus but after she says “lies,” there is an awesome distortion on her vocals that just sounds fantastic. As always, these kind of songs end up being one of the best on the album and LIES is no different.

STAR slows things down a bit. The opening instrumental is kind of jazzy and thus it stands out from the rest of the instrumentals on the album. Her voice actually manages to carry emotion despite the distortion on it and it really feels like she’s telling a story that is soothing to the listener. Even though the chorus doesn’t change that much from the verses, it sounds awesome and manages to stand out, catching the attention of the listener. It’s a good song and is definitely worth the listen.

STAND definitely carries the Nakata sound but it doesn’t sound generic at all. The song opens up with a very pretty and calming instrumental, before slowly becoming more diverse and opening the doors of a new world. On the first verse, she sounds great and she seems to go a little higher than usual. There’s just something very loveable about the chorus because it feels very freeing. The English phrases like “And finding the rainbow” and “it’s not far away” stand out strongly. She also sounds fantastic when she sings “stand,” reaching a little high but keeping up the energy.

WHY has a more aggressive instrumental but the problem is that it’s so long that it can feel a little like it’s dragging on. f it were a little bit shorter, it would have been nicer because MEG’s vocals are actually pretty cool. The chorus has some cool English like when she sings “Why do I need such surprise…ah yeah, silky kiss.” WHY is an awesome song and had it been just a little shorter, it would have been even better.

Things continue at a weird pace with the following song, JOKER. It begins with a sort of sleek instrumental that gives the image of walking through a maze. In combination with the sort of haunting atmosphere of the music, MEG’s vocals really fit here. The chorus is easily the most memorable part of the song as she sings “1,2,3…and fall in place, say ‘lucky fortune’ it’s a phrase for you.” It’s definitely one of the coolest songs on the album and it really finds its place on BEAUTIFUL.

SKIN, which was used as a promotional track, is the semifinale. She starts off with the chorus, which is basically the only lyrical part of the song. She sings “look at me, there’s nothing we should worry about” and “touch my skin, I’m in the dreamy wonderland.” Her voice sounds particularly strong when she sings “Cast the skin” since she holds the note for so long at a higher range. Outside of this section, the rest is instrumentation that carries an aggressive vibe to it that cannot be ignored. No wonder it was chosen to promote the album because it’s one of the best songs BEAUTIFUL has to offer.

The album closes with its title track, also used to promote the album. This is the closest song that can be called an electro ballad and unfortunately, it’s the worst song on the album. The music just isn’t very appealing although the lyrics are nice, such as when she sings “I’ll always be your miracle.” it was a nice attempt but the execution was poor.

Album Ranking: A

BEAUTIFUL is a vast improvement over MEG’s last studio effort. This album has variety and the recurring use of English spices things up lyrically. From JOKER to TELEPHONE to LIES, MEG shows off her skills and Nakata’s production power to catch the listener’s attention. The album is only ten tracks, which is a shame since MEG was on a roll this time around.

6 Most Memorable Tracks (The Memorable Tracks): SKIN / LIES / JOKER / WHY / TELEPHONE / STAND


  1. [Blogs] Apparently, MEG’s feeling BEAUTIFUL | International Wota said,

    […] – BEAUTIFUL (Kurayami Monogatari) MEG – BEAUTIFUL [6th Studio Album] (Amai […]

  2. Bozu said,

    I absolutely love this album to death. I gave it a perfect score, haha. WHY is my favorite song.

    • amaiyume said,

      I read your review!!!
      This is such a good album!! I was really surprised but MEG stepped it up like no other. As of now, my favorite songs are a tie between LIES and SKIN

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