Ito Yuna – DREAM [3rd Studio Album]

May 26, 2009 at 6:53 pm (Ito Yuna) (, )


Ito Yuna’s 3rd album, entitled DREAM, was released on 05.27.09. The singles released before the album are as follows: miss you, 恋は groovy x2, trust you and 今でも会いたいよ… featuring Spontania. Also included on the album is LOVE MACHINE GUN, used as the theme song to the cell phone novel Tenshi no Koi. The theme of the album is “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

The album begins on a sweet note with the upbeat love song, love you. The song opens up with the drums to give a really old-school feel and then Yuna comes in with the chorus. You can definitely hear the happiness in her voice when she sings “I do love you completely” and “I love you, I do.” On the first verse, the use of English and she really manages to show off her vocals for everyone to hear. The third verse introduces a few new instruments and it spices up the instrumentation a little bit. It’s very ear-catching. This is truly a “Yuna-styled” song and it’s a great way to start off the album and catch the listener’s attention.

The second song is 今でも 会いたいよ…, which is an answer song and collaboration with hip-hop duo Spontania. The song begins with a nice instrumental and is a fitting beginning for the song perfectly. On the first verse, Yuna sounds great, really getting into the emotional spirit of the song. The beat comes in more and it carries more of an upbeat feeling, which takes away from the original beauty of the song. Unfortunately, this stays with the chorus and doesn’t fuel the listener with the same emotions that opened the song. It’s the worst song on the album and it would have been better off being left off the album.

DREAM1Brand New World was included on the album as the third track. The instrumental that begins the song is very pretty and carries an ethereal sound, which gives the listener a sense of happiness. On the chorus, she hits those higher notes wonderfully and the English phrases “every day” and “you are the one.” Overall, it’s kind of unnecessary and Sony would have been better off choosing a new track or 真冬の星座.

Yuna explores the Latin sounds with 恋は groovy x2, released as a single before the album. The song opens up with an upbeat energetic instrumental and then Yuna does some vocalizations that suit the fun-ness of the music perfectly. On the first verse, she brings some great vocals and really outdoes herself. The lines in the background stand out and compliment the front lyrics perfectly. The chorus is easily the most addictive part of the song, primarily when she sings “groovy groovy.” The song closes with the backing lines “baby come with me tonight, baby come into the light.” She then slips in a final “groovy” and although it does sound a little annoying when it was released, it’s actually kind of charming. It’s another great song coming from Yuna and she should be proud.

Switching from upbeat to sad is the next song, trust you. The soft and beautiful sounds of the piano open up the song, really starting off with a magical feeling. There are these little vocalizations in the background that give the image of little flowers blooming at night, which suits the song perfectly. On the verses, she sings somewhat rapidly and this makes the listener pay attention to the sweetness of the lyrics. Her vocals are very smooth here but still capture the essence of the song very well. Right before the chorus, she picks up the pace even a little more and although it only lasts for a couple lines, it sounds great. The chorus is memorable for the English phrases “I love you” and “I trust you” as well as the great vocals in the upper range. For bringing out the emotions so strongly, Yuna achieves success with trust you.

The sixth song, BAILA BAILA, takes on some reggae influences. After the sound of waves, the song’s true sound comes DREAM2in and Yuna sounds so cheerful and sweet when she sings the title of the song. Here, the music gives the feeling of a late-night beach party so the listener can really get into the vibe of the song. On the verses, there is a very relaxing atmosphere that comes through. The pure instrumental section sounds very pretty, particularly because of the guitar, which brings the Hawaiian sound even more strongly. BAILA BAILA is a great song and it leads perfectly into the next track.

BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! continues the Hawaiian sound but takes it to an addictive upbeat atmosphere. That opening instrumental with definitely catch the attention of the listener as it really feels like the audience is being taken to the beach to celebrate. So it’s only appropriate that Yuna introduce things with “everybody to the beach, we’re gonna be breezin.” She sounds fantastic on the verses, delivering some attitude and some charm, which is what really makes the song so fun to listen to. For the two lines before the chorus, the instrumentation has a slight change and honestly it’s one of the best sounds on the entire album. The chorus stands out nicely because of the more powerful vocals and she sounds great when she sings “maybe I say no, maybe I say yeah, maybe you’re mine!” If there’s one part of the song that stands out the most, it’s the third verse without a doubt. She does kind of a rap thing and sounds very edgy. English phrases like “feelin’ me,” “believe in me” and “doin’ doin’ me” really stand out and so strong. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! was an amazing song when it was first released and it maintains that perfection on DREAM.

miss you is the next track, turning things for a sad atmosphere. That opening instrumental is very romantic and really reflects the feeling of longing. Her vocals on the first verse are fantastic and bring the lyrics to life, particularly when she sings “stay here” and “staying here.” On the chorus, she sounds awesome and it really stands out when she sings “I miss you.” This is another great number and is one of the stellar ballads of the album.

DREAM3Yuna pumps up the energy with LOVE MACHINE GUN. The song opens up with an infectious beat along with Yuna repeating “why not?” and there’s just something very cool about this phrase that shines through. On the verses, it sounds like there is a slight distortion on her vocals which kind of adds to the whole cool atmosphere of the song. The English phrases like “motion” and “communication” really stand out and they just make the lines a little more interesting. On the chorus, there is a kind of rock feeling to it, which seems slightly out of place with what began the song. Nonetheless, her vocals are very good, especially at the end. On the pure instrumental section, there is the feeling of just falling so deep into the song so it really stands out from the rest of the song. LOVE MACHINE GUN is a great song and it definitely lives up to the preview released so long ago.

The semifinale of the album is No one else. Beginning the song is a nice instrumental that carries a true sadness to it. Then comes the first verse and Yuna sounds very pretty here. Her vocals really communicate a personal connection that gets to the listener. On the chorus, she sings “no one else could take your place” and “Only I can be the one for you,” showing the lyrical story of the album. Although it’s kind of cheesy, it’s something that is easily relatable and so it ultimately is a success. Right before the final chorus, Yuna shows off her amazing vocals and belts out a powerful note. No one else is a wonderful ballad filled with emotions that catch the ear of the listener beautifully.

Closing the album is Body. The song starts off with an entrancing, almost sensual instrumental with Yuna singing “dance with me, come dance with me.” She sounds very relaxed and cool on the first verse and there is a true feeling of paradise tha comes through. Before the chorus, Yuna does some vocalizations that alternate between low and high and although it might sound a little strange, it grabs attention and introduces the chorus nicely. She kind of shows her sexual side as she sings “do you want my body.” However she manages to stay classy and very lady-like throughout. Following is a little rap section, which is unexpected but it definitely spices things up. Body is a nice sleek way to close up DREAM and will leave the listener wanting more.

Album Ranking: A –

DREAM is definitely a step up from Yuna’s last two albums primarily because she brings some more variety to the table. LOVE MACHINE GUN takes on a rock sound and a couple of tracks use a Hawaiian sound in different ways (BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!, BAILA BAILA). The ballads here are wonderful, miss you and trust you still shining from when they were released. As for the new tracks, love you and No one else are both very sweet and have perfect places on the album. Body is weakest new song but it’s still nice to listen to. Brand New World and  今でも会いたいよ… just should have been replaced by new songs or at least 真冬の星座. It’s also puzzling because GATE is nowhere to be found. Overall though, a good package and a worthwhile listen.

6 Most Memorable Songs: BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! / LOVE MACHINE GUN / miss you / 恋は groovy x2 / BAILA BAILA / love you


  1. tFayt said,

    I really liked DREAM, it was more upbeat, fun and it gives us more summer songs! She definitely should bring us more songs like BAILA BAILA and BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! It really fits her and we all love parties at the beach. hehe.

    I was surprised at Body being 10 minutes long… Why did they have to put 3 minutes of silence between Body and her “secret track”? <_<

    Oh, one last thing, what a cheesy theme. ^_^

  2. amaiyume said,

    I don’t really understand “Secret tracks.” Just put it as a bonus track and make it as a seperate track…either way it’s on the album…

    DREAM was great too and I think the singles + album tracks were a lot better this time around. BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! is friggin incredible and always will be. I hope she continues to bring such awesome material 🙂

    And yes, the theme is cheesy but cute as well. It fits Yuna quite well I think 🙂

  3. tFayt said,

    Huh… I didn’t know BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! was a B-side from the miss you single. Anyways, YES! More albums like this. Personally, I didn’t really like Heart and WISH because of the amount of ballads that were included… I think?

    More dance tracks from Yuna pl0x. 😀

    NOOO! BoA’s next American single is Energetic. It’s a bit too repetitive for the radio but for clubs it’s perfect. It could’ve been Did Ya or Obsessed… we’ll see how Energetic does. Anyways, I will still look forward for the MV to see how BoA will wow us because the song isn’t really energetic.

  4. amaiyume said,

    Yeah, I’m not much of a ballad person myself unless it’s done right. Yuna definitely brings it though on upbeat tracks like BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!!

    But the quality of her music is definitely increasing. Of all 6 songs released before the album (not including the Spontania collab), I loved 5.

    As for BoA, I would have also preferred Did Ya or maybe Touched. Energetic is awesome but not the best single choice I think. Scream would have also been cool just cause XD

  5. tFayt said,

    I’m pretty sure they chose “Energetic” just because Sean Garrett wants to keep performing with her. He’s using BoA! =O ….maybe?

    They should start promoting instead of releasing more singles. <_< Take your time…

  6. amaiyume said,

    Wait, what’s going on with Sean Garrett??
    I’m so confused on how he’s involved with the song! Are they making a remix or something?

    And yes, they need to do some promotion…

  7. tFayt said,

    “I’m feelin’ so energetic
    Don’t think y’all will ever get it”

    That’s Sean Garrett’s vocals right? Come to think of it, I’m not making any sense. He won’t be singing that song live with BoA because his voice has been changed so much. Forget what I said. 😀

    Did you see their performance on MTV VMA Japan? Sean Garrett was so out of place. Hehe. BoA alone is the best. =)

    For promotion, she’s going to perform at the gay parade in San Francisco. I wonder how she’ll do…

  8. amaiyume said,

    I thought it just happened to be announced when the two of them were together but I didn’t think he would have any part of the song. Hmm…I don’t know if it’s him but I didn’t think so XD

    I didn’t see it but maybe I should!! No offense to Sean but I would have preferred BoA to be solo on the song so I’m not surprised if he was out of place XD

    So she’s FINALLY doing some promotion….hope she rocks it 🙂

  9. lsn2aki said,

    For sure, this is her best material yet! I think her singles from this era match and even exceed the singles from her HEART era. I’m glad she is sticking with it despite her decline in sales 😦

    Great review btw!

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