2NE1 – Fire [Digital Single]

May 16, 2009 at 4:24 pm (2NE1) (, )


Dubbed the female version of BIG BANG, the girls of 2Ne1 are on the move with their digital single entitled Fire, released on 05.06.09.

Fire is a hot dance track, perfect for grabbing a new audience. The song begins with a fantastic instrumental and CL introduces the song to the crowd. The strongest part of the music is when it sounds like it’s winding down in pitch (when she says “you better get yours cause I’m getting mine). They do some vocalizations that sound a little annoying but then comes the first verse. CL sounds great and she gives the attitude to make everyone pay attention to her, having a quality similar to G-Dragon. Minji is up next and she sounds on her rap too but she lacks that same spark CL has. And that last vocal was a bit strange. Bom does some singing and she sounds pretty good, nicely showing off her vocals. The chorus is extremely catchy and it’s a case when repeating actually catches the attention well. Sandara then follows and her vocals are kind of distorted so they do stand out. It’s a very good song and one definitely made for dancing and having fun.

In order to promote the single, two PVs for Fire were made: one dubbed the “Space Version” and the other the “Street Version.” The “Space Version” has more of a colorful and futuristic feel to it and is very visually appealing. This version carries more of the girls’ personalities. CL rides her motorcyle, Minji acts cool around some trash cans, Bom is associated with cards and Sandara has an Indian atmosphere. It’s pretty cool and it fits the song well. The “Street Version” is a lot more simple but it gives the audience a chance to become better acquainted with the dance moves. it’s some good choreography so this version makes use of it. It also gets points for having G-Dragon make a very quick special guest appearance.

Single Ranking: A

If they can keep up this quality of songs, 2NE1 should have a bright future ahead of them. They’ve got the moves and the energy to keep everyone moving so hopefully we’ll be hearing more from them soon.


  1. claire lee said,

    i really like dara!!

  2. shirls said,

    Their live performances are totally awesome too. xD I got a little turned off when I first heard Fire St. Version, but when I heard their “I Don’t Care”, got addicted to 2NE1. x3 Now I’m loving them all- even watching their 2NE1 TV broadcasts.

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