Takizawa Hideaki – シャ・ラ・ラ / 無限の羽 [2nd Single]

May 15, 2009 at 7:55 pm (Takizawa Hideaki) (, )


Takizawa Hideaki’s 2nd single, entitled シャ・ラ・ラ / 無限の羽, was released on 05.06.09. シャ・ラ・ラ was used in a Takara Can Chuuhai Chokushibori CM. 無限の羽 calls upon Kis-My-Ft 2 members Kitayama Hiromitsu and Fujigaya Taisuke as well as A.B.C.-Z. members Kawai Fumito and Totsuka Shota as collaborators.

シャ・ラ・ラ, a jazzy dance song is the first A-side.The song begins with a sad instrumental that soon picks up the tempo and catches the listener’s ear. There’s this jazzy sound to it that is perfect for dancing and it introduces Tackey perfectly. On the first verse, he provides some great vocals and he stands out particularly when he holds his notes. What makes the chorus stand out is the way that he sings the title of the song with such rapidity and coolness that the listener can just melts. He also holds that last note of the chorus very strongly. The pure instrumental section is catchy in its own right and there are little parts where the music stops so it’s very grabbing. This is a great song, definitely worthy of being the leading  A-side.

The second A-side is the slower song, 無限の羽. The song opens up with an emotional-filled instrumental supported by a beautiful ensemble of instruments. When he sings, his voice definitely portrays emotion and catches the ears of everyone. Then the music becomes a little more diverse and the guitar really shines. He gives a little more power on the chorus and really makes sure that this section stands out and catches the ears of the listener. The pure instrumental section is magnificent, with the guitar coming out as the central instrumental and giving another layer of emotion to the song. The only problem with the song is that I was under the impression that the participating Johnny’s Juniors would have more of a role on the song rather than just being backing vocalists.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for each A-side. The PV for シャ・ラ・ラ is the dance video, featuring Tackey dressed very nicely in a suit, dancing and flirting with a woman. Having girls in Johnny’s videos just isn’t what is preferred by most (myself included) but I guess there’s no true harm here. On the other hand, the PV for 無限の羽 is just uninspired. It features him recording the song alnogside some little annoying animated creature. It’s pretty weird and it’s pointless to have it there.

Single Ranking: A +

Tackey definitely stepped it up with his new single since both A-sides are fantastic. While シャ・ラ・ラ carries a fun jazz sound to keep the listener up and dancing, 無限の羽 brings out the emotions for everyone to hear. My only gripe is that the Johnny’s Juniors should have had a bigger part on the second song.

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