KOKIA – Karma [17th Single]

May 15, 2009 at 11:25 pm (KOKIA) (, )


KOKIA’s 17th single, entitled KARMA, was released on 04.22.09. KARMA was used as the opening theme song for the anime series Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom.~

KARMA is a haunting number fit for a requiem.The song starts out with some vocalizing that has an eerie quailty to it before moving into the instrumentation, which definitely carries the element of mystery to it, really intriguing the listener. KOKIA then comes in and her vocals sound very good, keeping the haunting atmosphere for everyone to hear although those backing vocals become annoying after a while. Then the song becomes more grand and the instrumentation becomes more diverse, adding some complexity to the song. This song is a little on the long side so it ends up dragging on after a while. KARMA has great music and KOKIA sounds very nice but the backing vocals prove to be quite distracting.

Insonnia is a very good complimentary track since it has a very similar vibe. However this song has more of a lullaby feel to it rather than a haunting and eerie one. Again, the music is beautiful and so are KOKIA’s vocals. The length of the song is reasonable to prevent the feeling of dragging on and the backing vocals aren’t so prevalent so the listener can enjoy KOKIA’s vocals first and foremost.

Single Ranking: B

KARMA and Insonnia both very pretty songs. The first one focuses on a darkness while the second one on a gentleness. KOKIA’s style is shown off very nicely on the single and the two songs serve as a perfect combination.

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