Jyongri – Maybe Someday [7th Single]

May 15, 2009 at 9:42 pm (Jyongri) (, )


Jyongri’s 7th single, entitled Maybe Someday, was released on 04.29.09.

Maybe Someday is a piano-driven ballad. Opening the song is the chorus and Jyongri’s vocals sound nice with the piano supporting her although it does feel “done before” from her. On the verses, her vocals are more on the lower sound and that actually makes them stand out to the listener a little more. Maybe Someday is just another piano ballad from Jyongri so the listener doesn’t get to feel anything new or interesting, which is quite disappointing.

Special is much stronger at catching the listener’s interest. The song starts off with a really cool instrumental that feels like it’s going to tell a story and then Jyongri comes in on the chorus. She sings “you are special to me” and her vocals here are very strong, carrying a sort of draw to them that remains on the listener’s mind. She proceeds with “I am beautiful for you,” which could be taken a few different ways but it’s a standout line. Those vocalizations at the end sound great and spice things up a little. Jyongri continues to sound good on the verses while the music maintains that sort of darkness to it that provides such a strong contrast. For a moment, the music stops and it’s strange because it almost feels like the song is over so she manages to keep the listeners on their toes. Special is definitely a better song and should have been promoted to the position of A-side.

After a great B-side, First Kiss is a bit of a mess. It’s a cutesy and cheesy song about waiting for your first kiss. It’s cute but seriously, this just wasn’t very good.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Maybe Someday was made. The video features Jyongri watching a crowd of people go by as well as a scene of her in a room with a slew of other girls that look like mannequins. It’s not the greatest video but she does look pretty.

Single Ranking: B –

Special was the song that saved this single from getting worse marks. It’s a great song with a dark atmosphere to the music that makes it the perfect A-side. Maybe Someday is okay but it doesn’t sound like she brought anything new to the table. First Kiss, on the other hand, is just a cutesy mess, not even worth being on the single at all.

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