Morning Musume – しょうがない 夢追い人 [39th Single]

May 12, 2009 at 8:52 pm (Morning Musume) (, )


Morning Musume’s 39th single, entitled しょうがない 夢追い人, was released on 05.13.09.

しょうがない 夢追い人 is an upbeat song about people who are chasing dreams. The song starts off with a very pretty instrumental that carries a sadness to it before the beat comes in and with more diverse instrumentation, the mature sound comes in. Following is the first verse and the vocals are pretty good, definitely portraying the emotions of the song although it does feel like something is missing. There isn’t that much of a change on the chorus and although are certain points in the instrumentation that sound slightly different although they really do shine. Ai does a great job of singing the title of the song because it’s clear that she gets what the song is all about. The pure instrumental section is amazing, for taking the song in a slightly different direction and letting the listener fall into a different sound. しょうがない 夢追い人 goes for a different sound while still having the mature streak, which is perfect for the variety in the girls’ music. The song also gets points for differing from the usual formula of Ai and Reina taking center stage while the rest is split among the remaining girls since everyone seems to get a nice part on this song.

ShouganaiYumeoibitoPromoThe c/w track of the single is 3,2,1, BREAKIN’ OUT. Beginning the song is a cool upbeat instrumental with some rock elements thrown in here and there to really catch the listener’s ear. On the first verse, the vocals are full of attitude and personality so everyone can sing along with Morning Musume. The atmosphere kind of changes on the chorus since there is more of a cute feeling but it’s still okay because the music remains catchy. This is a great song and definitely a good compliment to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for しょうがない 夢追い人 was made. It’s a great video, featuring the girls in a more natural look. There are scenes of them at school, taking a photoshoot and the dancing is great as always. The girls look absolutely gorgeous here and some of them who particularly stood out are Risa and Sayumi. The emotions of the song are also shown well so it’s a strong visual representation of the song.

Single Ranking: A

Morning Musume brings another great single, keeping a streak of memorable mature numbers. Both songs stand out with the c/w track taking on rock tints while しょうがない 夢追い人 is a cool and laid-back song. Morning Musume is definitely a strong group and they continue to prove that time after time.

And on a side note, Aika is looking amazing and incredible in the cover and promo picture.

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