MEG – FREAK [Song + PV Review]

May 12, 2009 at 8:22 pm (MEG) ()


In order to promote MEG’s upcoming album, a PV for FREAK <yasutaka nakata remix> was made. Interestingly enough, the song will not be included on the CD portion of BEAUTIFUL.

While the original version features an edgy and cool sound, Nakata’s version takes a more sweet and cute route, fitting in with MEG’s discography thus far. The song begins with a nice and dreamy instrumental and then come the “hello hello” parts and they don’t just sound as cool without the original and crazy instrumental. Her voice is still distorted but this time, it’s made to sound very cute, which isn’t bad but it’s just disappointing after the original. It was a nice try but it doesn’t sound anywhere as good as the original.

The video for FREAK <yasutaka nakata remix> is basically the life of the MEG doll. It starts off with her building the doll and the dolltown is shown. There are actually scenes from the original video included at the end just to tie things together. Honestly, it’s a bad video but it does connect MEG back to her old style…which may or may not be a good thing.

Song Ranking: C
PV Ranking: C

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