Koda Kumi and misono – It’s all Love! [Collaborative Single]

May 5, 2009 at 10:17 pm (Koda Kumi, misono) (, , )


A collaborative between sisters Koda Kumi and misono, entitled It’s all Love!, was released on 03.31.09. The song was written and composed by the two girls. Koda Kumi’s solo, entitled faraway, was used as the theme song for Dance Subaru starring Meisa Kuroki and was written and composed by Koda Kumi herself. misono’s solo song appears as the third track.

In the true spirit of a collaborative song, the entire track is a switch-off between Kumi and misono. The song starts out with Kumi saying “You ready?” before the rock-filled instrumentation comes in and the girls introduce each other and themselves as “Super Sisters K.” It’s a very interesting concept to have each girl trade off singing and on the first verse, the story begins with Kumi asking misono what’s wrong and the rest of the song has them going back and forth about boys and love. The English lines throughout the song such as “Where is love and where does it exist?” and “Not gonna happen if you only think about yourself” give the song that extra punch and catch the listener’s ear nicely. Misono says “Oh I give up, don’t bother me” before the girls jump into the energetic and addictive chorus. What makes the chorus so entrancing is just the sheer speed of it as the girls trade off lines so quickly, it’s amazing. Both girls deliver strong vocals and the last line, “Oh no we can’t live without love” sounds awesome. The third verse is calmer and soft before the song goes into a cool dance break, introduced by Kumi saying “You ready?” It’s actually a nice little breakdown and it’s funny how Kumi says “Damn” in the middle of it. It’s all Love! Is a great song and a great way to bring the sisters together.

Slowing things down is Koda Kumi’s solo song, faraway. Opening the song is the chorus, which stands out and catches the listener’s ears as Kumi’s voice is calm and relaxing, suiting the music perfectly. The music is also very pretty, giving the image of a twinkling night sky. On the first verse, she sings “everyday, you can do it,” giving a sort of inspirational feel before moving on with more great vocals. On the pure instrumental section before the third verse, the music takes on a slightly different sound, which gives the music a little more diversity. She sounds great at the end of the song when she sings those fantastic adlibs that sound like they belong in one of her tours. faraway is a magnificent song with a beautiful message that Kumi brings to life.

misono’s song, 天秤~強がりな私×弱がりな君,~ rounds out the single. The song begins with misono singing along with the guitar and there’s something nice and natural about the song at this point. misono stays in the lower range so her voice is more bearable than it is when she’s singing very loudly. The song continues in this fashion and it’s actually nice to have misono staying in the lower range and suiting the instrumentation very well. Vocally, she does a very good job but the music does remain the same so it would have been nice to spice things up.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made for the single: one for It’s all Love! and one for faraway. The video of It’s all Love! features three scenes. The first scene has kind of a futuristic feel to it with both girls in black and silver, singing in a room. The second scene has the girls dancing in a different room, which is used during the song’s dance break. Unfortunately, the dancing was pretty disappointing but it was kind of cute how they danced together. The third scene features the girls in colorful outfits and being cute, although misono does look a little strange. Although the video for faraway doesn’t have many scenes, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Kumi is seen flying through the sky as well being outisde in a gorgeous secluded area. She looks amazing throughout the video as does the scenery so it emerges as the most visually appealing video.

Single Ranking: A +

The Koda Sisters come together for this single and definitely do a great job. The collaborative song, It’s all Love! features a rock sound that both girls bring the heat on, really getting into the story of the song. Kumi delivers a beautiful and inspirational ballad with faraway while misono takes on a natural route with her solo song. misono’s song wasn’t extremely memorable but it was better than her usual material, which is something. The first two tracks are both awesome so the single is a definite success.

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