SHINee – Bodyguard [Digital Single]

May 4, 2009 at 8:42 pm (SHINee) (, )


In order to promote Anycall cell phone series, SHINee contributed a new song entitled Bodyguard. This series has seen other artists contribute songs such as Hyori Lee and Anyband. Each song goes along with a commercial (serving more as a music video) and this one features the leading characters of the dorama Boys Over Flowers.

Bodyguard is a calming song about protecting the one you love. The song starts off a fun and groovy instrumental that stands out to the listener. Those opening vocals sound nice and are quite ear-catching and so are the following ones of the first verse. However there is a mellower vibe here, which sounds sweet and cute. The rap section is nice because it spices things up a little bit and provides the needed flavor. Overall it’s a nice song but it’s clear that the boys of SHINee shine when it’s those upbeat tracks.

Song Ranking: B

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