Fahrenheit – Only You [3rd Japanese Single]

May 4, 2009 at 8:46 pm (Fahrenheit) (, )


Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit’s 3rd Japanese single, entitled Only You, was released on 03.18.09.

Only You is a sweet love ballad. The song begins the piano, which starts off strongly and suddenly the beat becomes involved and it feels somewhat filled with hope. Those first vocals sound a little grating on the ears since they sound so rough in contrast with the music but the following ones sound a lot better suited for the type of song. When they all come together for the chorus, they harmonize well but their voices sound a little too deep for such a sweet instrumentation and it draws away from the song’s good points. Only You is a nice song but it would have been even better had they delivered more emotion in it.

The B-side is Déjà vu wo Mitsumeteru, a cover of one of their Chinese songs, Eternal Star. Opening the song is a very cool and starry instrumental that takes the listener into another world. Soon the boys come in for the chorus and they sound great here, their voices complimenting each other’s perfectly. The verses also sound great as it feels like they are singing a story to the listener that the music is supporting. There is even a rap section, which adds a little more flare to the song. This song is definitely the stronger of the two and should have been the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Only You was made. There’s no storyline to it and the only real effect of the video is that we get to see how good the guys look. Those suits look great on them and bring out just how attractive they are. It may be a looks-only kind of video but sometimes that’s all you need.

Single Ranking: B

Only You is a pretty nice song since the music was very pretty. It would have been more effective had the boys given more of an emotional presence for the listener to really feel. Déjà vu wo Mitsumeteru is the stronger track and probably would have served as a better A-side since the music is more interesting and the boys step up vocally. Overall, it’s not a bad single and I await the boys’ next move.

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  1. maja said,

    i love fahrenheit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only you is a very nice song

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