Ito Yuna – 今でも 会いたいよ… [Digital Single]

May 3, 2009 at 5:12 pm (Ito Yuna) (, )


Ito Yuna’s digital single, entitled 今でも 会いたいよ…, was released on 03.31.09. This song is a response song to Spontania’s track 今でもずっと… featuring Yuna.

 今でも 会いたいよ… is a longing love song. The song begins with a very pretty instrumental that sticks with the listener and introduces the story of the song perfectly. Yuna then comes in on the first verse and her vocals are great here, truly giving the emotions needed. When the beat becomes clearer and it has more of an upbeat feeling to it, the song kind of loses its flavor that catches the listener in the first place. This is the curse of the chorus as it just sounds so upbeat that it clashes with the emotional context that first introduced the song. Spontania’s parts are really nothing special and the song could have easily been done without him. 今でも 会いたいよ… would have been a lot stronger had it stayed in the ballad form, maintaining the true magic of the lyrics.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 今でも 会いたいよ… was made. The video does a much better job in keeping with the lyrical story of the song and is a very good visual representation of what the song is about. It would have been nice to see Yuna and Spontania take the roles of the leading people rather than include so many other scenes. Nonetheless, it’s a nice video and fits with the song very well.

 Single Ranking: B

今でも 会いたいよ… is by no means a bad song but it could have been a lot better. It started very strongly and was able to catch the listener’s attention but that began to fade as the song became more upbeat. This song would have probably sounded better just as a full ballad.

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