EXILE – THE MONSTER ~Someday~ [30th Single]

May 2, 2009 at 5:01 pm (EXILE) (, )


EXILE’s 30th single, entitled THE MONSTER ~Someday,~ was released on 04.15.09. This single comes as the first one following the merge of EXILE and J Soul Brothers to form a 14-member group.

Someday is a poppy upbeat song made for being happy. That opening instrumental sequence is very pretty and is actually really ear-catching. Then comes the first verse and as usual, the vocals are good and compliment the relaxing music very well. Even though the chorus doesn’t really sound that different from the verses, there’s just something likeable about it, which is good. The pure instrumental section sounds wonderful and definitely has a summery feeling that just helps the listener drift off into paradise. Someday is a very good song and perfect for the season.

THE NEXT DOOR is a aggressive and energetic number. Beginning the song is a very cool dance instrumental with that hip-hop flare that makes the listener stand in awe. When the first verse starts, rock elements come out to play, spicing up the instrumentation even more. The vocals sound great with the music and they primarily stay in the higher range but the listener can’t help but love it. More of the members get a chance to sing on the chorus and it offers a nice little vocal variety and with the music staying strong, it stands out as a good section of the song. THE NEXT DOOR is a great track and is one of this group’s more memorable songs.

給珍愛的未來 is a beautiful love ballad. The song starts off with the piano, introducing the listener to a delicate and fragile atmosphere that has a certain feeling of spring to it. When the first verse comes, the vocals are fantastic, portraying emotion and truth, which stays on the listener’s mind. The instrumentation supports this with such a sweetness and the combination is perfect. The chorus stands out as the music becomes stronger and the vocals follow suit so that a magical feeling emerges. It’s another strong song for the boys with the emotional context standing out very nicely.

GENERATION, a dance song, is the last track on the single. Opening the song is a dance instrumental that just has fun written all over it. The first verse starts in and the vocals are good although they could have been better, more emotive. There’s just something about the music that is missing and so it feels a little hollow. This persists in the chorus so although the vocals are good, the music isn’t capturing enough and doesn’t hook the listener as strongly as it should. It’s by no means a bad song but a fuller instrumentation would have made the song much more memorable.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Someday was made. The video is simple, just featuring the fourteen guys dancing and a group of adorable kids watching. It was a nice idea to have everything centered around the color white, since it tied the whole video together. Not the must intriguing video but the dancing was really good.

Single Ranking: A –

The guys did a great job here and this is a strong single to introduce the new 14-member line-up. Someday takes on a summery sound to make the listener want to dance along and be happy; THE NEXT DOOR goes for a cool sound that the boys really excel out; 給珍愛的未來 is a sweet ballad of love with emotions coming across strongly; GENERATION fell a little flat but it’s a nice song nonetheless. Hopefully they’ll be able to keep up this quality in the future.

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