C-ute – Bye Bye Bye! [8th Single]

May 2, 2009 at 5:02 pm (C-ute) (, )


C-ute’s 8th single, entitled Bye Bye Bye!, was released on 04.15.09. Due to a medical problem with her foot, group member Kanna Arihara was not present on the single.

Bye Bye Bye! is a fun dance song, which features that traditional C-ute mature sound. The song begins with a really cool dance instrumental with some disco influences along with some distorted vocals to really catch the listener’s attention. Then comes the first verse and Chisato and Mai step up for their part, sounding great. What particularly stands out is the “get it on” since the vocals carry a certain cuteness to them. On the hook, there is some distortion on the girls’ vocals and they actually help the song’s cool level and make the listener really take notice. Right before the chorus is a background voice saying “take control” and it’s definitely one of the best parts of the song. Much like FOREVER LOVE, the chorus has more of a cuteness to it but it feels more natural with the song’s overall vibe. The pure instrumental section is funky and fun although it could have been stronger has there been some sort of more aggressive moment of pure instrumentation. Bye Bye Bye! continues the streak of perfect C-ute A-sides and hopefully Kanna will be back in no time to have a part in the song.

The c/w track of this single is Go! Go! Go! Beginning the song is a very pretty and sweet instrumental that will make the listener want to smile. There’s a sort of beach feel to it that makes it such a good summery song. The girls sound great throughout the whole song but there’s something natural and likeable about the chorus, which really captures the listener. There are certain moments in its instrumental that go lighter and the girls follow suit vocally. The pure instrumental is free and sweet just like the rest of the song. Go! Go! Go! is the group’s best B-side and really is a good compliment to Bye! Bye! Bye!

In order to promote the single, a PV for Bye! Bye! Bye! was made. Unfortunately, Kanna was not feeling well in time to have a part of the video so the group was one member down. The video is simple, featuring the girls dancing in a dark room with the title of the song running across the middle of the back wall. Usually, C-ute nails their choreography and makes the listener sit in awe as they own the stage. However the same sleekness did not come through on this video and it’s probably because the choreography is so simple. It would have been cool to see some complicated routines and have the girls nail it.

Single Ranking: A +

C-ute nailed it again with this single and shows consecutive talent with their mature sound. While the A-side has the girls sleek and dancing, the B-side has a sweeter and soft sound that the listener can enjoy. They’re showing no signs of slowing down and their next single has a lot to live up to.

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