Buono! – MY BOY [7th Single]

May 2, 2009 at 5:03 pm (Buono!) (, )


Buono!’s 7th single, entitled MY BOY, was released on 04.29.09. MY BOY was used as the new ending theme to the anime series Shugo Chara. ワープ! was used as the ending image song for Bowling Kakumei P League, sponsored by Pizza-la.

MY BOY really spices things up for the group and is probably their best song to date. The song starts off with a guitar, bringing in the rock instrumentation perfectly but there’s also an aggressive dance sound that catches the listener’s attention. It’s hard to describe but the girls’ vocals on the verses sound slightly different and in a very positive way. Perhaps the music brings out something inside them because they sound fantastic and catch the listener’s attention. The chorus stands out and it’s nice to hear the song stay smooth on a mature path rather than move into a cuter sound on the chorus. They also end the song nicely by singing “my boy.” That pure instrumental section is stellar as it spotlights the cool attitude of the song perfectly. MY BOY is a great song and a strong way to get into this group.

ワープ! takes on a futuristic feel to draw the listener in. Opening the song is a very cool and upbeat instrumental that has a sort of rocky feel to it, while still keeping those twinkling sounds to make it cute. Then the first verse starts and it sounds like such a Buono! song that the listener can sort of get into the Buono! mood. All the girls come together for the chorus and there’s something very loveable and sweet about their vocals that stand out. The pure instrumental section takes things in a slightly different way and manages to stand out particularly nicely. ワープ! is a pretty good song and although it does sound a lot like many of Buono!’s other songs, it’s still a nice listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for MY BOY was made. It’s definitely different from the usual H!P videos. The girls are spies and their mission unfolds throughout the video. From the title it seems like they’re on the search for a boy or something but their objective is actually some cake. The dancing is nice although it could have been a little stronger. Nonetheless, it’s a good video and it fits the cool atmosphere of the song well.

Single Ranking: A –

The girls of Buono! outdid themselves this time since MY BOY is the most memorable song they have released thus far. The combination of a cool rock sound and an aggressive dance feel bring the listener to the point of addiction on this track. ワープ! has more of the traditional sound for this group but it’s still enjoyable. It’s good to see these girls get a mature track and hopefully they will be getting more in the future.

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