BENI – Kiss Kiss Kiss [10th Single]

May 2, 2009 at 5:00 pm (BENI) (, )


BENI’s 10th single (2nd as BENI), entitled Kiss Kiss Kiss, was released on 04.08.09. Kiss Kiss Kiss was used as the Kao Biore Body Deli CM song.

Kiss Kiss Kiss is a sweet midtempo song about youthful love. The song begins with a very American sounding instrumental with BENI repeating the title of the song. Admittedly, her vocals sound kind of strange here but when she goes into the first verse, she sounds a lot better. With the piano standing as the central instrumental, BENI supports the atmosphere perfectly and it feels like she’s telling a story. That repeating “kiss kiss kiss” comes back in the chorus and the whole thing just sounds so American and very familiar.

beni2Signal has a more dance-friendly sound and it’s definitely where she excels. It’s the chorus that really stands out because BENI delivers so much attitude and her vocals are very sleek and commanding, particularly on that last line: “turn me on, turn me on boy.” At some points, she reaches a little deep and those points don’t come across as smoothly but she remains delightful throughout the entire song. Signal really should have been the A-side because it is definitely the superior track.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Kiss Kiss Kiss was made. The video mainly features scenes of BENI just singing and looking pretty but the lyrics are supported as it shows BENI falling in love. It’s sweet but it could have been a lot better when it all boils down to it.

Single Ranking: B

The problem with Kiss Kiss Kiss is that it sounds so American and unoriginal. It actually does bear a sort of resemble to Eien by BoA except nowhere nearly as good since BoA took it to the next level. Signal really sounds better and should have been the A-side. It would be nice to see BENI try a little more and experiment with other sounds so we can see her diversity as an artist.

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