Tohoshinki – Share the World! / ウィーアー [27th Single]

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Tohoshinki’s 27th single, entitled Share the World! / ウィーアー was released on 04.22.09. Share the World! was used as the 11th opening theme to the anime series One Piece. ウィーアー was used as 10th remake opening theme for One Piece and 明日は来るから was used as the 17th ending theme for One Piece. ウィーアー was previously released on the group’s latest album, The Secret Code.

Share the World! is a hopeful upbeat number that shows what these boys can do. Opening the song is a very pretty instrumental although Jaejong’s starting vocals do sound a little too powerful for it. Although he sounds perfect on the hook as the boys repeat “come on let’s go…share the…,” each time singing something new to share. There’s such a darkness and deepness to their voices that the listener can help but be sucked in. Everyone sounds great on the first verse as that darkness continues and they all provide that coolness that they’re so good at giving. When the chorus back in, it has a light feeling that actually sounds pretty good and Jaejong shows off those great vocals. The dance break sounds awesome and is certainly a standout part of the song. Share the World! is a fantastic song and one that will get stuck in the listener’s head with ease.

The second A-side is the poppy and catchy track, ウィーアー. The song begins a fun and summery instrumental, which sounds great and then the boys come in for the chorus. They all sound great but Jaejong stands out the most. It’s a nice and cute kind of moment when they sing “one piece” (reference to tie-up). On the verses, there is a more relaxed feeling and everyone sounds good. It’s good how the vocals sound more laid-back and cool so that there is a contrast between the verses and the chorus. The pure instrumental section is a very cool and has a sleekness to it that cannot be forgotten. Even though the song is short, it’s extremely catchy and will make the listener want to get up and dance.

明日は来るから is the B-side of the single. As expected, this song is a ballad but the boys do such a good job of bringing this song to life. It’s a magnificent song with a lot of emotions coming through, which makes the song all the more magical. Throughout the song, the piano sort of stays as the central instrument and the whole atmosphere of the song is just addictive. It’s a great song and this could have been another A-side since it would have made a much better triple A-side than their last one.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Share the World! was made. It starts off with Jaejong opening up the book that reveals the rest of the story. Scenes from the video include the boys drifting in the sea and in the sky, the group in a white room (they are all dressed in white, which gives them a sort of angelic look), as well as the first scene after the book in which the boys walk forward in what appears to be a desolate land. They all look great and the video is just a lot of fun, while still having a sort of darkness to it, much like the song.

Single Ranking: A +

This is a fantastic single, with both A-sides being extremely addictive. Share The World! kind of has a dark element to it that makes it stand out while ウィーアー has more of the sweet and summery feeling to catch the listener’s attention. Even 明日は来るから is wonderful, letting the emotions come out smoothly and for all to hear. This proves the boys haven’t let the quality slip since The Secret Code and I await their next move.


  1. yaya said,

    Hi there…

    I’m glad you’re back…you’re my main source for all jpop reviews.
    In my opinion, your reviews are very objective. I really can’t guess who are your favorite singers…:) Keep up the goodwork…

  2. amaiyume said,

    Thanks for commenting and it’s great to be back!!
    I’ve been like dying without being able to post so it’s sooo great being able to do so now.

    haha, i try to be pretty fair to everyone so I’m glad you think that is being achieved 🙂

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