GIRL NEXT DOOR – Seeds of Dream [4th Single]

May 1, 2009 at 5:00 pm (GIRL NEXT DOOR) (, )


GIRL NEXT DOOR’s 4th single, entitled Seeds of Dream, was released on 04.15.09.

Seeds of Dream is a positive dance song. The song starts off with an upbeat pop instrumental that carries a pretiness to it, while channeling the group’s usual sound. Although it is nice, the music is a little distracting during the verses and Chisa’s voice sort of falls into the background. On the chorus, there is an even a lighter and breezier feeling that actually has a sort of summer atmosphere to it. Chisa’s vocals come more into the forefront and catch the listener’s ears. One thing that can definitely said about this song is that the pure instrumental section sounds amazing and is extremely catchy. It’s probably the best part of the entire song. Seeds of Dream is a nice song about letting your dreams be known to the world but it would have stood out more if it didn’t sound so much the group’s previous singles, despite it being one of their better songs.

Reason for Tears strays away from the group’s usual sound by just a little bit. The song starts off with a very cool instrumental that has a sort of sadness to it and evokes the image of water. Chisa then comes in for the first verse and her vocals are somewhat deep, which actually fit the music perfectly. On the other hand, the chorus kind of has a peppy feeling to it and the instrumentation is more energetic. Strangely enough, it doesn’t sound as disjointed as it could have been and although the transition between the two is a little forced, it catches the listener’s attention. The primary reason that Reason for Tears stands out so much is that it gets away from the usual GIRL NEXT DOOR sound and tries something a little different, which is what the group needs to do more often.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Seeds of Dream was made. The video features Chisa walking around the city as various pairs of shoes follow her. It’s a very strange concept and doesn’t really seem to make much sense but I suppose the whole colorful and happy idea matches the song’s atmosphere. There is also a dance sequence at the end, which is a nice finishing touch.

Single Ranking: A –

GIRL NEXT DOOR’s first single of the year is a strong one as both songs certainly are catchy. Seeds of Dream does sound much like all of the other singles but there’s something about it that just gets to the listener and sticks in their head. Reason for Tears goes for a slightly different sound and the emotions come across more strongly here. It would be nice if this group tried something different because frankly, their usual sound is getting old and fast.

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