Gackt – Journey through the Decade [28th Single]

April 30, 2009 at 4:07 pm (Gackt) (, )


Gackt’s 28th single, entitled Journey through the Decade, was released on 03.25.09. The song was used as the Kamen Rider Decade theme song.

Journey through the Decade is a calm rock song with emotion. The song starts off with a rock-filled instrumental that gives the image of a desolate world. Gackt then comes in for the first verse and his usual vocals support the music perfectly. The use of the piano is nice in that it provides a change from the usual rock instrumentation however there seems to be some magic element missing since it doesn’t strike the listener as being too strong. Sadly, it doesn’t come forward on the chorus either. Although his vocals are strong and portray emotion, the instrumentation just sounds kind of typical and boring. The pure instrumental section is nice since the guitars are spotlighted but it’s nothing that stands out that much. Journey through the Decade is just okay but nothing great. Perhaps a more aggressive instrumental would have done it.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Journey through the Decade was made. The video just features Gackt transforming into a robot to fight another person who does the same thing. It wasn’t very interesting nor entertaining but it does have a certain fit with the song’s image.

Single Ranking: B –

After the great single, Ghost, this is pretty disappointing. Gackt’s vocals are actually pretty good but the music  doesn’t portray what the lyrics seem to and maybe a more aggressive isntrumentation could have better spotlighted the song’s emotions.


  1. karadin said,

    I don’t consider the song in Gackt’s canon, because he did not compose or write the lyrics. The song is the theme for this year’s Kamen Rider – Kamen Rider Decade.

  2. Meru Suegi said,

    gackt is awesome~! and no matter what all of his loving fans(us) will continue to support him in what ever he does.

    i love Gackt~!

  3. Sendy kiseki said,

    Gackt are:
    One of My Idol..

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