BONNIE PINK – Joy / Happy Ending [30th Single]

April 30, 2009 at 3:53 pm (BONNIE PINK) (, )


BONNIE PINK’s 30th single, entitled Joy / Happy Ending, was released on 04.08.09.

Joy is a sweet love song. The song starts off with a very pretty piano instrumental that introduces the mellow and sweet atmosphere of the song perfectly. When she comes in to sing, her vocals sound great and the combination of the vocals and music create a sort of lullaby effect, which really stands out. There’s just something very natural and loveable about the chorus when she sings “joy, yes you give me joy.” It’s a feeling everyone can relate to at one point or another.

Happy Ending is a nice and slow song with some rock influences to spice things up. The biggest problem with the song is that the tempo doesn’t sound consistent and other parts seem faster than others, which is very weird. Also the volume of the instrumentation is quick to change from high to low without any transitions, which stops the listener from having  one continuous path of listening. Unfortunately, the chorus doesn’t do its job of grabbing the listener and it just sounds kind of messy. Happy Ending isn’t really a strong song and doesn’t show BONNIE PINK’s true talents.

The single’s B-side is You and I, an upbeat song with a guitar-focused instrumental. It has a nice spirit but it just comes off as awkward. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand what she is saying and the instrumentation becomes a little tiring very quickly. It was a nice attempt but the execution didn’t come as smoothly as intended.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Joy was made. The video centers around a couple and how they bring each other joy. BONNIE PINK appears to play the guitar and she serves as a sort of inspiration for the couple. It may be simple but it really does communicate the emotions of the song perfectly.

Single Ranking: B

Joy is the song that saved the single because it’s the only one really worth listening to. It’s a very natural and sweet song about having someone who brings you joy. The other two songs just sound kind of messy and aren’t very engaging. Hopefully her upcoming album, ONE, will showcase her talents like Joy.

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