alan – 久遠の河 [9th Single]

April 30, 2009 at 3:39 pm (alan) (, )


alan’s 9th single, entitled 久遠の河, was released on 04.08.09. The title track was used as the theme song to the movie RED CLIFF (Part II). Much like her previous single, RED CLIFF ~心・戦,~ this single includes the Chinese version of the song and instrumental. Also included in this package are the Japanese and Chinese versions of RED CLIFF ~心・戦.~

久遠の河 is very reminiscent of RED CLIFF ~心・戦~ and has a similar arrangement that captures the listener. The song begins with an absolutely beautiful instrumental that has those traditional elements that give the track an element of grandeur. There’s just something so magical and dazzling about this part that it stands out very strongly and the whole song should have followed this sort of sound. Then the instrumentation slows down a bit and becomes softer, drawing on the flutes and other instruments to givve a calm feeling. On the verses, alan provides the emotions through her vocals and the music generally stays in the back so the focus is on her. The chorus sounds more grand as the instrumentation steps up to meet alan’s vocals and the combination of the two sounds great. She shows off her traditional Tibetan wail at the end of the song and it really fits with the atmosphere of the song.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 久遠の河 was made. The video is basically a collection of clips from the movie with scenes of alan interspersed here and there. The two scenes featuring alan show her as what appears to be a princess and another wandering the beach, wrapping a blanket around herself. In both scenes she looks absolutely gorgeous, particularly when she is wearing the elegant green dress that makes her look like a princess. It would have been nice to have more alan but it’s still a great video.

Single Ranking: A –

This is the theme song to RED CLIFF (Part II) and it does bear some similarities to RED CLIFF ~心・戦.~ They both have a similar grand arrangement and use traditional elements to spur a wonderful instrumental. One thing notably different about this song  though is that it is quite shorter, roughly half the time of its preceding song. It gets the job done within a reasonable time and intrigues the listener very nicely. As usual, her vocals are strong and the song comes out as a success.

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