Nishino Kana featuring WISE – 遠くても [5th Single]

March 19, 2009 at 9:44 pm (Nishino Kana) (, )


Nishino Kana’s 5th single, entitled 遠くても, was released on 03.18.09. The title track is a collaboration with rapper WISE.

Nishino Kana and WISE team up on 遠くても. The song starts off with a midtempo instrumental with a few vocals from Kana and a few words from WISE before the actual singing of the chorus. Kana’s vocals are very pretty and sweet, helping to establish the cute atmosphere perfectly. She sings “always love you” before a little section of pure instrumentation comes in and there’s something very natural and likeable about it. She continues to sound in touch with the emotions of the song on the verses and she brings more sweet vocals. The repeating “love” part is kind of weird because WISE doesn’t really give the emotions and Kana sounds too fragile. Surprisingly, WISE’s rap section fits into the song perfectly and really catches the listener’s ear. It’s a great song with a cute atmosphere that the listener can really fall for.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 遠くても was made. The cute and loveable vibe of the song is reflected in the video. It consists of Kana hanging out with her friends and just being girls. The simplicity of the video really works with this song so it’s a good fit.

Single Ranking: A –

After her last single, Kana had to bring something good to continue such good quality and that she did. She teamed up with WISE for the sweet song 遠くても and the listener can really relate to the cuteness of the song.

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