Kitahara Aiko – 春風が舞う頃には [18th Single]

March 19, 2009 at 5:30 pm (Kitahara Aiko) (, )


Kitahara Aiko’s 18th single, entitled 春風が舞う頃には, was released on 02.04.09.

春風が舞う頃にはis a fun upbeat number with a some festive Spanish influences to make the listener want to dance along with Aiko. The song starts off with an entrancing Spanish instrumental and that guitar is absolutely addictive. She does vocalizations here and there and they add to the sort of mystery of the song. Then she sings the first verse and she provides some great vocals that really help the listener feel the story of the lyrics. The chorus has such a carefree feeling to it that the listener can really get into the song even more. Every moment of pure instrumentation is valuable and takes the listener into another world. Aiko really shines on this title track and it sort of continues the sound from her last single.

雪 slows things down as it has a certain prettiness to it that stands out, reflecting a truly romantic atmosphere. Her vocals are nice throughout although it isn’t nearly as interesting as the title track. It’s just missing that magical element that the listener can connect with.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 春風が舞う頃には was made. The video is very simple, just featuring Aiko singing along with her band and another scene of Aiko singing with cherry blossoms falling from the sky. Nothing really happens but I suppose it’s nice.

Single Ranking: A –

It’s another great single for Kitahara Aiko as she channels Spanish influences again to spice up the instrumentation. Her vocals are strong and move with the music perfectly. Although the B-side is somewhat forgettable, it’s worth the listen. Hopefully an album will be coming in the future since she’s consistently bringing good tracks.

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  1. jpoptoday said,

    I would love to see Aiko chan become more famous. I heard her song “Grand Blue” and quickly added it to my imeem station. I will check out 「春風が舞う頃には.」

    Do you mind if I paste my playlist? “Grand Blue” is the seventeeth track on this.

    Thanks for reviewing lesser known singers like her in your blog. You’re a very good writer.. much better than me!

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