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March 17, 2009 at 9:46 pm (BoA) (, )


BoA’s debut English album, entitled BoA, was released on 03.17.09. The album was released before the single Eat You Up and the upcoming single is I Did It For Love. Look Who’s Talking was originally planned to be the second single but was used as a promotional song instead.

The album opens up with I Did It For Love, featuring Sean Garrett. The song starts off with a very cool instrumental with BoA repeating “I did it for love” in a sort of robotic voice to match the overall atmosphere. Then she sings the first verse and she definitely understands the attitude of the song because her vocals really portray the emotional story of a girl loving a guy who doesn’t return that love. The chorus is very simple, just featuring BoA singing the title of the song over. Although there is something about it that just is pleasing to the listener’s ear. Sean Garrett’s part really wasn’t necessary and his vocals aren’t that great so he doesn’t really add anything praticularly memorable to the song. Overall I Did It For Love is a simple song but a good way to introduce the listener to the music style of the album.

BoA gets ready to dance with some aggression on the second track, Energetic. Opening the song is an attention-grabbing instrumental and BoA sings “report to the dance floor.” Then there are some vocals from a guy and he actually starts the song off very nicely as his voice commands attention just like the music. BoA comes in for the first verse and her vocals are highlighted by the certain hollowness of the music since the beat is focused. She then sings “put me on” repeatedly and there’s something strangely hypnotizing about it, despite its simplicity. Energetic is a fantastic song that really takes the listener into the world of BoA.

Did Ya features some rock tints to drive home the message of the song. The song starts off on a fun way with a little circus-like sound going on to really stand out to the listener. She then slickly moves onto the first verse and her vocals show strong emotion and really make the listener pay attention to the story of the song. On the chorus, she sings “you shoulda loved me but you didn’t, did ya?” and the sort of in-your-face attitude really shows BoA’s confidence.  The constant repetition of the circus sound throughout the song really makes the instrumentation one of the most interesting album offerings and her vocals are some of the most emotionally energetic, which makes Did Ya one of the best songs on the album.

Look Who’s Talking is without a doubt one of the most addictive songs on the album. The song begins with a really cool instrumental that gets the dance beat going and then in comes BoA. She sings “champagne and caviar, hot boys at the bar looking at me” and this sort of harmless self-centeredness really works in BoA’s favor since she can pull the attitude off perfectly. Her vocals are sleek as well, adding to the attitude and making it believable. The hook is great as she sings “they wanna give it to me” and “this song is all about me, damn right it’s all about me” and her vocals here are stepped up a little so that the listener has to pay attention to them. Actually, the song seemed to have more energy and attitude when it was performed live but it’s still one to look out for because it’s an album jewel.

The album’s first single, Eat You Up, is next. The song begins with a hot beat and then the actual dance instrumentation comes in to spice things up. BoA’s vocals on the first verse are great and her prounciation is actually really strong. Her flirty side is shown as she sings “you feed my appetite in ways I can’t explain.” Like a lot of the other songs, the chorus is simple and just features BoA singing “I’ll eat you up.” However she sounds great, her vocals really standing out here so it’s no problem at all for the listener. The second verse features two of the best lines of the song: “Like I’ve become some kind of demon in the night, you look so tasty I could eat you up alive.” Eat You Up is a fantastic dance song and was a wise choice to release as a single.

Obsessed comes as the next song. The song starts off with a heavy instrumentation and then BoA repeats “it’s a crime” and “it’s a shame” before moving into the first verse. BoA’s vocals here are great and her prounciation is fantastic. She really brings out to the lyrical theme of the song for the listener to catch onto. She steps it up even more on the chorus as the emotions come out a little more while still keeping that cool edge. Since the music is so catchy, the pure instrumental section is great, spotlighting the aggression of the instrumentation. Then the third verse is a great followup as BoA gives even stronger vocals and blows the listener away. Obssessed is a wonderful track and certainly one that will get stuck in the listener’s head.

BoA’s sexy side comes out again with the next song, Touched. The song begins with an interesting dance instrumentation with has some kind of siren going on to make it all the more exciting. On the first verse, BoA brings great vocals and she describes just how the boy is making her feel. There’s just something very magical about the instrumentation in the chorus, which catches the listener’s ear. One noticeable thing is that the backing vocals are actually pretty loud and they seem to overtake BoA’s vocals at points but it’s still really addictive. Touched is another fantastic song that has that American appeal to it that BoA takes to perfectly.

Scream was originally written for German group Monrose and was also used to make the song Daydream for the temporary Korean group Anyband (featuring BoA herself). Beginning the song is a very pretty dance instrumental and then BoA speaks a line. There’s something very grabbing about that one line because it lingers on the listener’s mind and keeps them wanting more, which she then delivers. It sounds like her vocals are distorted but just only by the smallest amount and as the verse goes on, the instrumentation builds up and becomes more grand to introduce the chorus. The lyrics of the chorus are really good as she sings “There’s nobody to hear, it doesn’t matter, it’s only me and you and all of your fears.” It’s another great song and has a kind of prettiness to it that makes it memorable among all these dance tracks.

BoA pulls a self-cover with Girls On Top. The song was originally sung in Korean and now she’s singing it in English. Sometimes changing the language can make the song sound awkward because it wasn’t written in this second language but BoA manages to do herself proud. It’s probably one of the best vocal performances on the album, particularly on the chorus as she declares “this is who I am!” The beat is hot and definitely makes the listener want to dance. The only problem is that the parts with the backup vocalists are a little annoying and appear just a few too many times. They’re not so horrible but it would have been better had the amount of them be lessened. Overall though, it’s an enjoyable track and it serves as a sort of connection between BoA in the Asian Industry and the American one.

The semifinale, Dress Off, shows BoA’s sexy side yet again. The song starts off with an addictive dance instrumental that will have the listener moving the minute it starts. BoA’s vocals on the first verse are commanding and entice the listener and the backing vocals are a nice touch and adding a bit of mystery to the mix. What makes the song so fun is the chorus, in which she sings “why don’t you whisper to me, to me, how you wanna get freaky, freaky,” which is a perfect representation of the sexuality that BoA brings. The “dress off” part of the chorus is great because there’s this certain perky element to it that is kind of cute while still staying with the overall atmosphere of the song. The third verse is interesting as she repeatedly sings “me,” each time getting slightly louder until she’s hitting the fantastic note at the end. Dress Off is without a doubt, one of the best songs on the entire album and hopefully it will be a single in the future.

The album closes with Hypnotic Dancefloor. With its dark atmosphere, BoA brings the dancefloor to life and creates the image for the listener. Since BoA is such an accomplished dancer, it’s kind of nice that she shows that dedication and love in a song. The lyrics have a sexual energy such as “feelin’ an erotic charge, almost like a pain” and it’s obvious that BoA is vrey comfortable with it so it doesn’t come across as awkward as all. Hypnotic Dancefloor is a great way to close the album and keep the listener moving.

Album Ranking: A +

Honestly, I can’t say that BoA made one single mis-step on this album. Every single track is gold, showcasing BoA’s hot dance style. Some of the biggest standouts on the album are Look Who’s Talking, Did Ya, Dress Off, Touched and Obsessed. Any of these songs would make great singles and it’s a solid release from its beginning to its end. I hope that this album gets the recognition it deserves because one thing can be sure, it blew Hikki’s album out of the water.


  1. Selryam said,

    Awesome, you liked Dress Off too! I’ve heard people saying it’s the worst song on the album quite a bit, so I wasn’t sure I’d EVER see anyone that liked it.

    Though as a single, a song like Obsessed or Did Ya would probably work better… Not just because I personally love them, just because they aren’t as… Hectic as Dress Off can get, and they seem to fit the popular sound a bit better. And that’s obviously what she’s trying to do, but overall she did an excellent job of it, I think.

  2. amaiyume said,

    I don’t understand why people would say that Dress Off is the worst song. Well I guess it’s their opinion but I thought it was an amazing song 🙂

    I would love Did Ya to be a single! But honestly, I think any of the songs could be a single!

  3. Ty_Sylicus said,

    The only song I didn’t like was Look Who’s Talking, and Dress Off only gets 3/5 stars from me. 🙂 That rest are gold, just like you said. =D

  4. Dangel said,

    Thanks for blogging about BoA’s album but I would t give it an A+. I’m a BoA fan since the beginning too,but some of the songs in her English albums were so Western mainstream like Britney Spears. What’s terrible about that is it took away a lot of BoA’s voice and originality. What BoA’s all about. Did Ya is repeatitive and I hear more backgroud vocals than BoA and the same goes for Touch. Her voice shines lovely in Obsessed and Eat You Up which I love so much. As for Hypnotic Dancefloot I thought the track was well remixed with catchy lyrics too,which I agree with you a good dog to end the album with. As for Girls On Top, I love the English version she remade and think she did a great job keeping it original like the Korean version. Her voice shines in that sing and he shows confidence. I don’t see how I can like Look Who’s Talking. I think that song is a cheap rip off of Britney. If not for I Did It for Love,Eat You Up,Obsessed,and Girls On Top this album would be nothing. I was a bit disappointed after listening to this album for a whole month now and whenever I drive in my car, I have to “skip” some of the songs get to the good ones. I hve her album a C+. No originality,shows no artisty,too many dance tracks,repeatitive songs,and gets boring after a while. That’s just my opinion.

  5. wjohns said,

    I’m surprised everybody threw so much hate to Hikki’s album and then praised this album, BoA’s album is enjoyable at times but i think Hikki’s album was way better, in my opinion. I gave this album a C- in my review though.

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