Amuro Namie – WILD / Dr. [34th Single]

March 15, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Amuro Namie) (, )


Amuro Namie’s 34th single, entitled WILD / Dr., was released on 03.18.09. Namie continued her collaboration with Vidal Sassoon with this single seeing as Dr. was featured in their new CM. WILD was used in a Coca Cola Zero Commercial.

Namie takes to the electronic influences perfectly with the first A-side, WILD. The song begins with a hot dance instrumental, driven by electronic sounds which immediately catch the listener’s attention. There is a certain outer space feeling that comes through and when Namie’s vocals come in, it’s the perfect combination. The chorus features a lot of English (a Namie standard) such as “work the middle” as well as a list of body parts (legs, arms, belly, etc.) and it’s absolutely addictive. It has that upbeat Namie energy that is just irresistable. The verses have a more relaxed feeling to them and they serve as an interest contrast to the high energy of the verses. Following the third chorus is the repeating of “let’s get wild” and the listener really picks up on the coolness of that one phrase. The song closes with Namie repeatedly breathing in order to capture the sexual energy of the song even further. WILD continues the line of amazing Namie songs and is definitely the proper way to start off 2009.

Dr. takes on the futuristic sound of a technological world to really show Namie’s ability to adapt to any sound. This song samples the ballad theme of Bolero in order to communicate it’s theme: ultimate love that transcends time and space. The song begins with a little opening that really gives a story effect as a computerized voice says “access, please press enter after entering your wish” alongside the sound of a hearbeat and then the song’s sleek instrumental comes in. Namie sounds great on the first verse as her vocals are very cool and controlled, really engaging the listener with the atmosphere of the song. The repeating “doctor” is a nice touch and adds to the flavor of the song. She sings “Doctor Chronos!” and then she dives into the chorus, which at first might come as a surprise since it sounds so different from the verses. It’s in all English as she repeats “please change is the best, save us doctor; please tell how it’s important doctor” and the drums are brought out to make the instrumentation a little more upbeat and returns to that Namie style. There is a flawless transition into the next verse even though the sounds are so contrasting with its soft and gentle sounds. Each moment of pure instrumentation is an opportunity for the listener to fall into the world of the song. Dr. is another fantastic delivered by Namie and it’s a great way to show that she is able to adapt to any sound with ease.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for WILD and one for Dr. Namie has always been an exceptional dancer and we get to see that yet again with the PV for WILD. The video has a very dark feel to it as Namie and the background dancers are dressed in all black and show us just how wild the dancing can be. As always, her moves are on point and they match the music’s energy perfectly. There is also a scene of Namie sitting on the moon, wearing a beautiful silver dress with the view of the Earth in the background. It’s an awesome PV and it definitely matches the atmosphere of the song.

The PV for Dr. is Namie’s first animated video. It has a similar animation style to that of Utada Hikaru’s Passion PV and it actually really works with the whole theme of the song. The video tells the story of Namie traveling through time to deliver a message to the people of the past. It opens up with Doctor Chronos awakening Namie from her perservation chamber in the year 3000 and then Namie embarks on her message to save the past world from the destruction that she’s seen. In the end, she reaches a young girl and there is a feeling of hope that the listener feels. I think a video featuring the actual Namie would have been great but this animated video has a really good theme that the viewer can really fall into.

Single Ranking: A +

One thing that you can say about Namie is that she is consistent. She just doesn’t know how to deliver bad songs and this single continues to prove that. Both WILD and Dr. take on new songs for her, letting the listener understand her versatility. WILD tackles those electronic influences perfectly to make an addictive dance number while Dr. has a very futuristic atmosphere that tells the story of the power of love that can change the world. It’s amazing how she consistently deliver such strong material and I can’t wait to see what she brings next.


  1. bucebucethecaboose said,

    WILD grew onto me so much! I love the instrumental bridge, it was really hot ❤

    I seriously didn’t know the chorus in Dr. was in all English xD

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