Tohoshinki – Survivor [26th Single]

March 8, 2009 at 5:04 pm (Tohoshinki) (, )


Tohoshinki’s 26th single, entitled Survivor, was released on 03.11.09.

Survivor is a nice opportunity for the boys to take on some new sounds. The song begins with some clapping before the sleek instrumentation comes in, really taking on an interesting sound for the boys. That first line “every time, every day” really stands out as the vocals compliment the music perfectly. Jaejong’s voice does seem to be a little too high at times for the certain darkness of the chorus but it’s another great section that maekes the song memorable. The pure instrumental section is quite interesting and offers a good chance for a dance break before re-introducing the chorus. Closing the song is the same clapping that opens the song to tie the whole thing together. Surivor is a fantastic song, one that shows the boys can handle all types of different music with ease. It’s a strong signal for their upcoming album, The Secret Code.

The single’s B-side is the catchy dance number, Take Your Hands. Much like the A-side, the song is an upbeat number that has an edge to it that makes it memorable. There is a little instrumental introduction to the chorus that has a decending volume and it sounds great alongside the boys saying “so take your hands now.” The boys show a little more vocal power on the chorus and it sounds great.

In order to promoe the single, a PV for Survivor was made. There are two primary scenes in this video: the black and the white. The darker room features Tohoshinki dressed in all black in a seemingly partly destroyed room. Their dancing is absolutely hot and definitely has that Tohoshinki magic. In sharp color contrast to the black room, the white room features the boys in a cold room wearing all white. The dancing in this room is less impressive but still enjoyable. Some people have read the video centering around the idea of power. The dark Tohoshinki takes power from the light ones and it’s a revolution of sorts that unites the people.

Single Ranking: A

Tohoshinki brought another strong single, the perfect introduction to The Secret Code. Both Survivor and Take Your Hands are addictive dance tracks that will have you moving. Survivor is the star of the single with its interesting and slightly dark atmosphere. Judging from the singles, The Secret Code is going to be one heck of an album.

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