KAT-TUN – RESCUE [10th Single]

March 8, 2009 at 5:03 pm (KAT-TUN) (, )


KAT-TUN’s 10th single, entitled RESCUE, was released on 03.11.09. The title track was used as the theme song for Yuichi Nakamaru’s dorama Rescue -Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai.-

RESCUE is a kind of creepy low-rock track. The song begins with the sound of a heartbeat, which is a very interesting way to open up the song before a few words start the song. As the instrumentation slowly creeps in, there is a very frightening feeling that arises in the listener. Then the vocals come in on the chorus and they are perfect at capturing the atmosphere of the song. With the rock instruments, they sound completely at home. On the verses, however, there is a kind of empty feeling though and it just doesn’t connect with the listener. It’s a nice song but it would have been more enjoyable if the verses were stronger.

7 Days Battle is the B-side present on all editions of the single. Opening the song is a very mysterious and eerie sound and then the instrumentation comes in with a sleek edge that will catch the listener’s ear. Slowly rock instruments slip into the music and then it has that cool KAT-TUN feel. On the verses, the vocals are somewhat distorted so it’s hard to really understand what exactly the boys are saying but somehow it’s okay. Their vocals sound so cool and interesting here that the listener can just fall in love with the overall atmosphere of the song. Well the chorus is a little generic for the coolness of the verses but it’s nothing too bad. English phrases like “I’m in battle” and “Are you ready to rock?” stand out and pop nicely within the context of the song. The rap section is a nice touch because it also carries that cool flavor with also a playfulness to it that works. 7 Days Battle is a great song and is a nice change from the common rock songs that they have delivered in the past.

The B-side only available on the First Press Limited Edition is On Your Mind -Please Come Back To Me.- Beginning the song is the sweet sound of the piano, which instantly establishes a sorrowful atmosphere. When the first verse comes, the vocals are wonderful, really capturing emotions that the listener can feel. That “please come back to me” in the chorus is so representative of the entire song and is sung with such powerful emotion that the listener will not forget this line. The song reaches its climax right before the pure instrumental section as the music becomes more powerful and powerful vocals are shown off. On Your Mind -Please Come Back To Me- is a wonderful ballad with a lot of emotion that the listener can really feel.

In order to promote the single, a PV for RESCUE was made. Although quite simple, the PV is extremely visually appealing. It features a dark setting in what appears to be a desolate world and the boys are just kinda set there for the duration of the video. They look great and the emotions of the song come across their faces well. I could have done without the dancing girls though.

Single Ranking: B +

After their disappointing last single, the boys stepped it up this time around. RESCUE and 7 Days Battle both harness that rock energy that defines KAT-TUN but in different ways to make a diverse overall package. With a kind of dance beat to accompany it, 7 Days Battle emerges as the stronger number and should have been the A-side. On Your Mind -Please Come Back To Me- is a strong ballad as the emotions come overflowing for the listener. I wonder if their next release will be so soon. Perhaps an album is in the works.

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