Aoyama Thelma – 届けたい… featuring KEN THE 390 / このまま ずっと [6th Single]

March 8, 2009 at 5:02 pm (Aoyama Thelma) (, )


Aoyama Thelma’s 6th single, entitled 届けたい… featuring KEN THE 390 / このまま ずっと, was released on 03.11.09.  The first A-side is a reponse song to KEN THE 390’s song 届けたくて… featuring Aoyama Thelma. このまま ずっと is a recut song from her recent love song collection LOVE ~ThelmaLoveSong Collection.~

届けたい…  is a sweet love song. The song begins with a soft piano based instrumental and there is this sort of clicking that really doesn’t belong with the whole atmosphere of the song. Thelma then sings a few lines and her vocals are so delicate and filled with love that the listener can’t help but feel her emotions. It’s already obvious that the rapping is going to sound out of place later in the song when KEN THE 390 does a few bars. He has a nice voice but it just doesn’t compliment the music very well. Thelma continues to sound good on the verses, providing smooth and sleek vocals. She sounds a bit too low on some parts of the chorus but overall she does a pretty good job. As predicted, KEN THE 390 sounds completely out of place when he delivers his raps. Overall, this song would have been a lot better without KEN THE 390 but it’s certainly not a bad song.

このまま ずっと was a memorable song from the album for its uplifting and happy feeling. The song starts off with the chorus and Thelma’s vocals stay more in the higher range, which stand out to the listener and solidify that sweet atmosphere. A story is told througout the course of the song as there is a true feeling of nostalgia that comes through on the verses. When the chorus comes in, that happiness comes back and it’s an interesting balance. It sounded great in on LOVE ~ThelmaLoveSong Collection~ and it emerges as the stronger A-side on this single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 届けたい…  featuring KEN THE 390 was made. The video is extremely simple, just featuring various Thelmas as she just sings. Admittedly, it’s a pretty boring video and it’s kind of sad that KEN THE 390 didn’t even show up.

Single Ranking: B

After releasing some great songs on her recent love song collection, 届けたい… featuring KEN THE 390 falls a bit short. It would have better to just have a new song rather than a response song. Even the second A-side is a recut, thus the term “new material” is used somewhat loosely. It’s not a bad single but it could have been better.

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