Ito Yuna – trust you [13th Single]

March 5, 2009 at 11:31 pm (Ito Yuna) (, )


Ito Yuna’s 13th single, entitled trust you, was released on 03.04.09. trust you was used as the theme song for the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

trust you is a grandiose love ballad that is completely fitting for the opening theme of Gundam. The beautiful sounds of the piano begin the song and immediately an emotional atmosphere is established. The little vocals in the background sound a bit strange but they do support the slowly building sense of hope that the music brings in. Yuna’s vocals on the first verse are beautiful and at their smoothest, really portraying the various emotions that the song is home to. Near the end of the verse, she sings some of the lyrics with rapidity and those lines really stand out and catch the listener’s ear. Although pretty simple, the chorus definitely is a good representation of the emotions of the song. Yuna shows off both her range and power on this section as she belts out those notes for the listener to really feel. The repeating “I love you” and “I trust you” are the corner-stones of the chorus and certainly resonate. The pure instrumental section sounds great, particularly near the end when the music takes a little spiral ascent in tone. trust you is a great ballad with lots of emotions that Yuna brings to life with superb vocals.

trustyouyunaBrand New World picks up the tempo with an ethereal style. A very pretty and upbeat instrumental begins the song, instilling a sweet happiness in the listener. Yuna dives into the chorus and she hits the higher notes strongly, complimenting the overall atmosphere of the song perfectly. The English phrases like “every day” and “you are the one” pop nicely and are pretty ear-catching. On the verses, the 90s sound really comes through and there’s something very likeable about the more mellow (but still very danceable) feeling. Yuna tones down the vocals a little bit but still provides enough power to keep up with the energy of the music. The pure instrumental section is nice although it does feel a little bit empty. Overall, Brand New World is a good track and a good compliment to the slow-paced A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for trust you was made. The video doesn’t feature any plot but rather the focus is on an intense visual appeal. Yuna is dressed in a beautiful (slightly flowing) silver dress and the two primary scenes are in one very dark setting and another in a more earthy and natural one. Clearly the darker scene reigns supreme as there is a contrast between Yuna’s bright dress and the darkness of the beautiful night sky. However it’s a good contrast and it definitely grabs the eyes of the viewer. This kind of simple video really suits a song like trust you so it was a good choice.

Single Ranking: A –

After releasing miss you and 恋は groovy x2, Yuna certainly had a lot to live up to. Did trust you manage to get onto the same level as those last two A-sides? Not exactly but it’s still a strong track worth listening to since Yuna gets to show off those great vocals. Did Brand New World stand up to the amazingness that are BREEEEEZIN!!!!!!! and 真冬の星座? Well not even close but that’s a hard level to reach. Nonetheless, Brand New World is a nice song that has a good atmosphere to it. Hopefully Yuna will be delivering an album because she’s turning out such quality material. If not, then she really needs to play the GATE and LOVE MACHINE GUN card because both songs sounded amazing from their previews and it’s just not fair to tease the fans like that.


  1. Karen said,

    I really like trust you . I do hope it can obtain at least a top10 hit ranking after her previous 2 singles didn’t which’s a HUGE shame as miss you & Koi wa groovyx2 were so good

    I guess the Gundam anime tie in is helping trust you at this point in time

  2. amaiyume said,

    Me too!! I don’t know what position it debuted at but hopefully she can maintain a steady week. And it sucks that miss you and Koi wa groovy x2 got bad sales since they’re Yuna’s best singles. I think Koi wa groovy x2 might be her worst selling one…and it was a great song…as was Mafuyu no Seiza

    And Gundam did help Stephanie out with Friends so hopefully trust you will at least get some good longevity 🙂

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