misono – 球魂~やる気・元気・その木の根っこ~ / ? cm [12th Single]

March 4, 2009 at 5:01 pm (misono) (, )


misono’s 12th single, entitled 球魂~やる気・元気・その木の根っこ~ / ? cm, was released on 02.25.09. 球魂~やる気・元気・その木の根っこ~ was used as the theme song for the movie Gekijou-ban ELITE YANKEE Saburo.

球魂~やる気・元気・その木の根っこ~ is an upbeat rock number. The song starts off with a sound associated with the passing through images of the past as if you’re rapidly fast-forwarding through events that have already occured. Then the actual instrumentation comes in has a true rock flavor that has a coolness that catches the listener’s ear. misono’s vocals actually go pretty well with the music this time around although she does shout a little at points, which sound pretty shrill.  Unforuntately, the chorus features too much shouting, which kind of turns the listener off. It actually started off as an okay song but then with all the screaming, it just became another typical misono track…and that’s definitely not a very good thing.

? cm kind of takes cues from the first A-side. misono does some more shouting and doesn’t really contribute anything positive to the song vocally. However, what makes this song a little better is the instrumentation. There’s something more bearable about it since it doesn’t stick to such a bland and basic rock formula.

In order to promote the single a PV for 球魂~やる気・元気・その木の根っこ~ was made. Honestly, it’s obvious that no real thought was put into this video. It just features misono rocking out on stage and in front of a white background with the words she singing appearing on the screen. The one thing about the video that is redeeming is that misono actually looks pretty cute in some of the scenes.

Single Ranking: C +

It’s just not a great single and honestly, it’s not like very many people expected that much. misono just needs to tone down the shouting and try out some different styles for her music. Hopefully her upcoming collaborative single with sister, Koda Kumi, will provide Kuu’s magic touch to reign supreme.

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