Nakashima Mika – GAME [Song + PV Review]

March 1, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Nakashima Mika) (, )


In order to promote Nakashima Mika’s new compilation album, entitled NO MORE RULES, a new track was added onto the album. GAME was used as her final CM song for Kanebo Kate Cosmetics seeing as her contract with them is ending.

GAME is a fun and relaxing number. The song starts off with a calming instrumental that has a very natural element about it before the sirens come in and pick up the pace. Mika’s vocals on the first verse sound great and really compliment the upbeat and funky music well. She even gives a chuckle and there’s something about the little giggle that makes the song all the more personable. There isn’t really a transition between the verse and the chorus but the sections are still distinguishable. That last vocalization of the chorus is a great way to finish it off before moving into the second verse. The third verse features some English phrases and they actually stand out nicely with the various references to stages and the “please don’t touch me” and “game over.” GAME is a very enjoyable track and a good way for Mika to end her contract with.

Song Ranking: B +

In order to promote the single, a PV for GAME was made. Not much happens in this video. It’s basically Mika in a dark room singing, both sitting and standing. There’s a lot of money around and the scenes with the gun seemed a bit strange but I guess they made the video a little more interesting. Honestly, it’s not really worth the watch but it’s better than no PV, I guess.

PV Ranking: C

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