Aoyama Thelma – LOVE ~ThelmaLoveSong Collection~ [Love Song Compilation Album]

March 1, 2009 at 5:03 pm (Aoyama Thelma) (, )


Aoyama Thelma’s love song compilation album, entitled LOVE ~ThelmaLoveSong Collection,~ was released on 02.18.09. The album features some of her previous singles as well as some new tracks. Only the four new tracks will be reviewed here.

好きです。is a beautiful ballad that allows Thelma’s true colors to come shining through. The piano begins the song and immediately, the atmosphere of the song is established. Thelma’s vocals on the first verse are wonderful, staying smooth and portraying emotion perfectly for everyone to hear. The music has a slight build-up to the chorus and it does not fall flat. There’s something magical and hopeful about the overall feeling of the chorus and you can really feel the emotion in her voice when she sings the title of the song. This is a great song and doesn’t come across as another typical Thelma ballad at all. It’s a good incentive to buy this collection of love songs.

このまま ずっと has more of an uplifiting feeling. Opening the song is the chorus and Thelma sings in a slightly higher register, which really gives a sweet and happy feeling. However, on the first verse, that happiness fades. It has an element of nostalgia in the music and it really feels like a story is being told through the songs. Luckily, the happiness returns yet again on the full chorus. It’s nice to hear the hope in her voice because it fills the listener’s hear with hope as well. This is an enjoyable song and another good reason to buy the collection.

So she does a cover of a Janet Jackson song with Again. Now her English is perfect so that’s certainly a plus and it’s clear that she understands the emotion of the song. Her vocals are perfect and compliment the overall atmosphere of the perfectly since her voice has such a soulful quality to it that is perfect for covering a Janet Jackson. She hits the higher notes perfectly and they are some of the best moments of the song. It’s a fantastic cover and she really stepped her game on this.

Song Rankings: A –

Even though a collection of love songs seemed kind of a silly idea when it was first announced, Thelma definitely gave reasons to buy it. The two new songs of hers are both memorbale, particularly 好きです。. Her cover of Janet Jackson’s Again definitely should make her proud and proves that Thelma has the perfect voice for love songs.

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