Utada Hikaru (Utada) – Come Back To Me [PV Review]

February 28, 2009 at 9:05 pm (Utada Hikaru) (, )


In order to promote Hikki’s new American single, Come Back To Me, a PV was made. Although a little bit after the single release, a video is better late than never.

It’s a pretty simple video but it’s that simpleness that matches the song perfectly. She looks absolutely gorgeous when she’s sitting and playing the piano. The hair, the dress, it’s all working in her favor. I wish I could say the same about her look with her hair up. Initially I thought it was somebody else…like a mother or something. She looks way too old and the dress isn’t that great either. I’m assuming that the person playing her boyfriend is some sort of model since he definitely looks like one, so I guess that’s a plus for the video. If I were to play the ranking game with this PV and the PV for Easy Breezy, the PV for Easy Breezy would definitely win. There’s something more likeable and fun about that video that catches my eye but this one isn’t by any means bad.

PV Ranking: B


  1. Tokyosista said,

    she looked so beautiful in the pv…and I love how she rocks the short hair style!! Go Hikki!!!

  2. blackmager said,

    She definitely rocks that short hairstyle, even though she looks a LOT like Nocchi from Perfume.
    I nearly gasmed when I saw her in that gold dress in the beginning.

  3. meteorite said,

    Loveee YAAAA!!!! Hikki!!!

  4. [Blogs] Several Blogs With Utada - “Come Back To Me” Reactions | International Wota said,

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  5. Kito said,

    I do love this song.the piano intro sound is almost bring our soul away.
    come back to me lyrics is sad but beautiful indeed.

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