Suzuki Ami – Reincarnation [31st Single]

February 26, 2009 at 9:45 pm (Suzuki Ami) (, )


Suzuki Ami’s 31st single, entitled Reincarnation, was released on 02.25.09. After joining forces with Nakata Yasutaka to produce the amazing album Supreme Show for her 10th anniversary, she puts away the vocoder and teams up with Taku of m-flo.

Reinarcanation is a departure from her recent electropop style with Nakata to a mellow club track that shows her true voice. The song starts off with an interesting instrumentation that has a sort of dark feeling and then Ami comes in on the first verse. After a whole album of Nakata produced material, it’s so strange to not have that same cool electropop atmosphere and Ami’s voice meshed together with a vocoder. Her vocals are much deeper here although there is a slick smoothness to them that works. However it doesn’t come across as smoothly when she reaches to the higher register because there is no connection between them and the lower notes. The transition into the chorus is extremely awkward because it doesn’t really sound like there is one. All of the sudden, Ami is singing louder and the instrumentation becomes more energetic. Well after the amazing tracks on Supreme Show, Reincarnation is an absolute letdown. The song isn’t necessarily bad but it’s definitely messy. There are no real transitions between the softer parts and the louder parts. Also, having this song shows that Ami’s voice vocoded just has a certain magic that cannot be replaced.

amireThe B-side is a cover of Dub-I-Dub by Me & My, familiar to many people as a song from Dance Dance Revolution. Something comforting about this song is that is that it kind of takes on a similar sound to her Nakata-produced tracks on Supreme Show. The vocoder is back and it proves that the combination of that vocoded voice and an electropop instrumental can prove to be a dangerous combination. There is still a certain “messy” element about the music but somehow it works in the context of the song, unlike in Reincarnation. The pure instrumental section is interesting is that there is a really spacey and relaxing feeling that is very representative of the song as a whole. Dub-I-Dub is definitely the superior track here and Reincarnation doesn’t even hold a candle up to it.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Reincarnation was made. The song may have been messy but the PV had some amazing visual effects that made it an enjoyable watch. There are scenes of Ami in a rainbow-colored cosmos and the water effects only add to the gorgeousness. The moments of telekinesis also add to the video’s coolness such as when the covers come over her or the papers magically fly up. It’s somewhat disappointing that the song can’t even live up to the interesting nature of the video.

Single Ranking: B

As a whole, this single was a disappointment. Dub-I-Dub was what really saved this single from getting a lower grade as it sticks to the familiar eletropop formula that helps Ami shine. Reincarnation just is too messy of a song and her vocals aren’t anything to write home about. It’s not a bad single but after Supreme Show, this quality isn’t just going to cut it.

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